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  1. Just noticed this poll to vote for the best Yoga You Tube channel. Well, we all know which one that is, right?? https://community.ispo.com/which-is-the-best-youtube-channel-for-yoga/voting-ansehen/b1f2da4762724d21a802b417b1bbe27ffe3ab02c Go vote!!
  2. Posted on facebook and Pinterest boards. I really hope you are able to make ends meet and to enjoy the retreat without worrying about money!
  3. Hi, so I recently realised that part of why I always seem to have problems with my hips is because I have a lazy butt!!! Well that´s a little sad and a lot of funny... but seriously, I am overusing my hip flexors, because I don´t use muscles on my backside, when I should be. So I think a video targeting butt and maybe the back of the legs would be great - I need to wake up those lazy bastards!
  4. I finally got around to uploading my pictures! I definitely see improvement in my flexibility in triangle pose and a lot more accuracy in reverse tabletop. The greatest benefit from this to me though is that I have made daily practice a habit and that I see improvement in my flexibility generally and not just in my chosen poses. A little goes a long way It has been a great motivation to see your pictures and read about ups and downs along the way So to all of us: :flowers:
  5. It is nice to hear that others are familiar with this issue too. And you all make good points about varying the practise, practising patience and letting the yoga work instead of the body. I have tried those things and I do feel a difference. I reach for that point at the end of the comfortzone and when I think I am there I back up just a bit - because I think that´s where my actual point of progression is. So maybe I am in the process of learning to listen to my body
  6. Posted to instagram - a photo of one of my target poses. Reverse table top is off for now while my shoulder is resting. Triangle pose is looking better I think - I am more straight and aligned in my back and I reach further. Yaay!!
  7. Hi! Oh I know about the tendency to store a little extra for the long winter in that area! <a href=http://www.freesmile Although body fat in general will choose for itself where to go, belly fat is to some degree the exception to the rule. I am no medical expert, so this is my best understanding: A number of things can trigger the body into storing extra fat around the waist - especially a diet high in sugar and other non-complex carbohydrates, that will make the blood sugar rise and prompt the body to release insulin. The subsequent blood sugar drop then prompts the body to store fat around the belly. I was actually motivated not by my muffin top but by years of unstabile blood sugar levels with daily drops, that made me nauseaus (and hangry ​ ) to explore this. For me, the easy little trick, that has stabilized my blood sugar, is to never eat carbs alone. Always some fat or proteine to go with it. The fat or proteine reduces the speed the energy hits the blood stream and therefore reduces the effect on the blood sugar. It has done wonders for my blood sugar levels and there fore made it much easier for me to function - the slimmer figure is just an added benefit Good news is: a good diet with lots of veggies, healthy fats and proteines and complex carbs + exercise, sleep and yoga may actually help you rid yourself of the muffintop. And then of course there´s also the possibility of making peace with the muffin top
  8. I have had a rather frustrating week yogawise... Initially I have had shoulder pain, that has inhibited my practice. Then on Wednesday I had a sudden lower back pain that persisted for days. The kind where all mobility disappears and every movement looks like C3PO moving one joint at a time. The shoulder issues are probably related to over doing it in chaturangas. The low back is probably due to my eagerness to see progression in my chosen pose for the challenge; reverse tabletop. Though practising regularly I hadn´t specifically practised that pose so much, so I did Wednesday morning after my regular morning stretcing, which proved to be not enough of a warm up! So now I am doing what I can, which involves nothing that requires any kind of shoulder strength, no standing balances because of the back and therefore no actual training the poses for the challenge. This is all a long introduction to my point: It is all about listening to your body. And to me that is the hardest part of yoga! I try to listen, but I think I may not quite understand the language of my body It´s not like I know, when I overdo it, I will think that I am attentive to the signals from my body during practise and then in the following hours or days it will be clear that I overheard something. Any good ideas for improving this part of the practise? Any one else finding it hard to decipher your body´s reactions?
  9. I think the reason why I am suddenly experiencing pain after doing chaturangas for months with no pain, is because I finally somewhat mastered the transition for chaturanga to downward dog without touching the mat in between. I must have compromised something while paying attention to something else! That is very often a challenge for me - that I cannot integrate the whole pose, but have to be attentive to each bodypart separately. Thanks for the tips, Candace. Somehow I have missed the Tips for Chaturanga post until now
  10. I have recently been experiencing increasing pain in especially my right shoulder. Coincidentally I read something about chaturangas being very challenging for the shoulder and that you should always be very careful not to lower beneath the height of your shoulder. I have not been aware of that. I am skipping all chaturangas for the time being to see if that helps and so far, it seems to alleviate the pain somewhat. What are your experiences with this? Any one else with the same experience?
  11. Agreed!
  12. It really can be so frustrating to be unable to do what you want to because of injuries. I agree with Candace, that there is a chance for personal growth in the situation (if there´s no other silver lining, there´s always personal growth, right! <a href=http://www.freesmile) Maybe it is an opportunity to focus on breathing, alignment and other more subtle parts of the practise? I jope it is nothing too serious and that you´re back in the game soon
  13. Just made a smoothie with sharon fruit/ kaki fruit and youghurt this weekend, just added a bit of lemon juice and a few dates - mmm, if you´re looking for breakfast that tastes like dessert, that is not a bad choice!!
  14. I agree! Yoga and meditation is a way of controlling my attention and that way give myself a break. When running, it´s the only time I let my mind decide for itself where to go and that is so liberating in another way. Sometimes I come up with solution to problems while I run, other times I realise that I have been concerned about something without realising it.