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  1. Hi everyone, I joined this forum a few days ago and found many helpful and inspiring posts! Thank you so much for that, Candace and YBC community I am in the process of reflecting how yoga changed my life and am very interested in hearing other people's experience with yoga. I started doing yoga two years ago to (re)connect with my body after many years of dieting and over-exercising. I started by watching yoga videos on youtube but it took some time until it "clicked" and yoga became indispensable to my life Since that time, yoga has not only helped me to change my body image but it also made me more compassionate and emotionally and mentally strong. Something I would have never believed possible. Why did you start doing yoga and how? How have you changed since practicing yoga for the first time? Julia
  2. Hi Kini Yogini, first of all, congratulations on your decision to pursue your dream of earning a PhD! I admire your determination and courage to leave something you love and feel comformtable with for another dream and a new challenge. Many people could learn from you! I don't know your situation but I believe honesty is always better than secrecy. You said you are very close with your students and have a supportive community. Why not be honest with them and let them know about your plans? I'm sure they will understand and support you. They trust you, so they know you will find the most qualified person possible to buy your studio. Maybe one of your students even knows somebody who would like to buy your studio. This is only my humble opinion, I've never been in the same situation as you. I hope this helps a bit! All the best Julia
  3. This is so true! I love downward dog too. My other favourite pose is pigeon pose...pigeon pose was the reason I fell in love with yoga