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  1. I can recommend yogabox.de (English site available), they ship to Bulgaria, the shippment is quite pricey though. They don't seem to have kits but they offer good quality mats/straps/blocks/bolsters and everything you might need seperately.
  2. I always had coffee in mind when thinking of Eilles. I will be looking for Eilles tea as soon as my huge stock of Kusmi and Løv runs low. Might take a while though
  3. I haven't been into tea for years and just recently started drinking some again. I really like Kusmi and Løv because they come in beautiful tins, ha ha .
  4. I love camel best and I also like full lotus. I've been sitting in lotus pose (eating and/or watching tv ) all my live, so this one comes easy to me.
  5. I'll give pidgeon pose and forward fold a try, I loathe them both and they usually really piss me off after just a few seconds .
  6. I declared this week as "just do it!"-week to myself and did unsupported headstand in the middle of the room for the first time on Monday. I tried to tune my thoughts out and when it was time for headstand, without any further ado I did it- and fell over . And then I did it again right away and managed to actually stand straight for at least one minute. Gee, I was so smug afterwards, what an experience, ha ha ! So my advice: just give it a try if you feel that you technically have the strength. It might cost quite an effort and you will probably fall but in my opinion that's part of the process: learning that things can go wrong but that it doesn't cause you harm
  7. I'm so much more comfortable in wide legged child's pose, how about giving it a try? It gives you more space to breathe and your butt can glide down between your calves. It might be a problem if you have tight hips, though.
  8. Oh yeah, taking off glitter polish is a real bummer... I usually use them as a topper on top of similar shades of creams. For daily use I love creams best too. I've never heard of Julep before (just googled it), they have beautiful colors!
  9. I really can't stand others stepping on my mat. I have a hard time not to freak out if it's the studio's mat and it's ever harder to keep calm if anyone touches my own mat...with bare feet I might be weird but it's just that I feel like they violate my private space, it's definitely too close.
  10. That would be my hands I'm in the process of downshifting and having a TINY kitchen with very few plug sockets kept my from having electric kitchen devices in the first place. Anyway, I'm trying to keep is as simple as possible and don't really miss anything. BUT...it also doesn't keep me from secretly longing for a Kitchenaid, they come in so many beautiful colors...
  11. Anyone into indie nail polishes? You'll hardly ever see my with my nails unpainted and I especially love indie nail polishes. There are many amazing brands out there and I only discovered a few by myself so far. Thus being said I can strongly recommed HARE polish if you are into glitters! I have several shades from different collections, the formula is great and they come in the cutest bottles
  12. I got myself the Manduka Eko mat a few weeks ago and so far I’m pretty pleased with it. It’s heavy indeed and although I walk to the gym several times a week carrying it just rolled up without a bag or straps, I don’t mind the weight. Also the rubber smell didn’t bother me and it’s nearly gone by now. Due to the structured surface it has a nice grip but unfortunately it’s still a little slippery when my hands and feet sweat. I hope it will gradually get nonslip. It’s sturdy but just soft enough and slightly stretchy to offer support to the knees, that’s why I preferred the original 5mm mat to the eko lite version and it’s a little bit wider, too. I just wish I had the 79” (200cm) long mat but the 71” (180cm) mat was hard enough to find so it has to do the job.