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  1. I'm not a typical male. I changed my diet after reading "The China Study" by Colin Campell, and it's been 3 years following Dr John McDougall's Starch Based Diet. I started yoga after attempting to follow a video 20 years ago. I haven't incorporated it seriously until I felt my age was starting to restrict my movement. One of the best bits of advice that I ever received was to make yoga/meditation my first priority in my day, everything else can wait. That has been an inspiring idea for me.
  2. I'm really looking forward to having straight legs in my postures. When I feel that I have stretched out my leg and I'm sure that it's straight, I look down to find that the knee is bent. Even sitting with a straight back and my legs in front of me is pushing the envelope. My legs feel as thought there are metal cables in there that will never stretch out. I will keep up my practice 5 days a week for 45 minutes each, with a lighter routine on the weekends. I'll update at the start of February on any improvement.
  3. Hello from the Golf Island in BC: Thanks Candace for putting this together. I found your video online when I was searching for a quick morning routine to get me started. Your video was a perfect start and inspired me to get deeper into my practice. This was just before the holidays, and I took some time off over them, but I'm back at it and enjoying my hour for myself every morning. Your videos are great, they have a nice balance of beginner, and advanced technical information. There are many ideas for flow, and I'm slowly building my practice with inspirations from your videos. I think you are on to something good, keep it up. Now that I found your forum, I'm looking forward to learning more. As the title indicates I live on Gabriola Island in the Gulf Islands off of Vancouver Island. I used to have a lovely yogi teacher of the Guru Sivanada, she was so lovely and knowledgable I was sorry to move away from her. Since then I've been searching for the inspiring light. The right fit is quite hard to find. My routine in the morning starts with YBC quick morning routine (ish) and I then go through a series of postures to work my core areas that I want to focus on (tummy, core), a series of sun salutations that I borrow elements of YBC videos, then triangle poses, and standing balance postures. Somewhere in there I'll try one of the challanging postures (Chair pose with one leg crossed over) for about 1/2 of a second. Finish this with 15 minutes of silent sitting after. I'd like to call it medititation, but right now its more like silent sitting. BTW, I'm a 3rd year strict Plant Based diet follower, and if anything has helped me get to this point where I can do a morning routine regularily it has been that. I follow the suggestions of John McDougalls starch based diet. It has helped maintain my weight, restore health (high blood pressure, now normal without statin drugs) As a male turning 42, I admire 95 year old people that are still vibrant and active. I want that for myself and my family, this may be a selfish endevour, but I love life and all that it offers. My vehicle in this life is most important to me, and if I fill it with good energy, and explore all that it offers then I believe I will be able to represent that ideal. Not only that, it means my life is not even half over yet and there is so much to live for. Thanks Candace, and your support network. I appreciate you making this available. Billy