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  1. Tahnk you so much (with a little bit of delay ) I have looked into the site and yeah- the shiopment goes really high, but I don't think I will find anything that would be much cheaper. I will definitely write about what I have chosen!
  2. Hello! I apologise if this is not the right place for this topic. Recently I feel the urgency to buy a new yoga mat since my old one began to tear off. I began searching via the internet and honestly-I was lost! Since I live in Bulgaria which is kind of a problem since not all companies make delivery here, my wish to have particular Gaiam yoga mat,disappeared I turned to Amazon and chose Begginer Yoga Kit, but unfortunately they lost it on the way here and declained my request to send it again. So here I am trying to choose something good, and I was hoping you could help me find the ONE I am looking for a budget yoga Kit,if possible including yoga block and yoga strap. I found this one (although it does not include yoga block) but I cannot seem to find any feedbacks on the brand. Has anyone used it? I would really appreciate if someone could teek me something about it or offer me something. PS: Candace, I was not sure about how to unclude the URL in the topic. I hope this is not some kind of violation since I have not any wish to advertise anything!
  3. Hello everyone I am Geri and I am living in Bulgaria. I have been a follower from a few months and so I would like to thank YBC community for everything. This is the place which helped me move along with my yoga practice since I have not been feeling "in place" the last months! It's been 3 years off and on the mat,but recently, I am really "feeling" it !!! I participated in the Flexibility project(even though anonymously ) I really love and appreciate all the things Candace is doing for us! I believe what we send out,comes back,so I send you all hugs and warm wishes from Bulgaria