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  1. I like that approach! Like sadhamstrings, I find some poses are easy for me but there are some which challenge me every time I try to go into them. Wide-legged seated forward fold comes easy to me because it gives my fat belly room to settle in, whereas standing forward bend is a struggle because my flab won't have anywhere else to go but get squeezed against my legs! Lizard is another great hip opener that I love! I can do that no problem but pigeon pose? I can't keep my sitting bones close enough to the mat.
  2. This is what put me off in the first beginner's class I attended. The instructor had the class in plow pose and there I was unable to even lift my hips over my shoulders and he kept saying, just try it,just lift your body up and over. And I kept shaking my head, trying to make my eyes tell him to come over and help me because I can't do it on my own! I ended up staying in bridge pose as long as I could. If he had come over and helped, I probably would have been able to do it. Oh and another pet peeve is the instructor running late and then rushing through the warm-up sequence. How rude!
  3. Amen to that! My husband keeps urging me to take up running, or jogging, anything really that is slightly faster than a brisk walk, but I just can't bring myself to enjoy it. My knees and ankles pounding together as I hit the ground makes me feel like I will damage the turf or that it will damage me! Saying that, I once got my husband to follow one of Candace's videos and he was cursing under his breath as he tried to stay in the extended side angle pose! He's not as tough as he thinks he is, despite playing basketball and jogging twice a week. I know it's not a competition but when he saw that I could stay in those poses longer than he could, I think he saw me in a different light.
  4. Hi Candace. I hope you're well. I really need to get back to yoga and be diligent with my regular practice. My main objective has always been to lose weight, but have been told often that yoga does not make you lose weight. Would you be able to recommend, from your existing video library, a sequence that could help with weight-loss? Thank you.
  5. There was a Groupon offer Seriously though, I decided to start looking after myself in March last year. I cut out rice and pasta and most carbs from my diet but then realized I needed to get active. I haven't exercised in years and would not be caught dead in the gym so I thought "Yoga!". Yes, the Groupon voucher for 10 classes was the deal maker. I went to the classes religiously, walking three blocks from the train station to the studio as my warm up, three times a week. Once the sessions were over, I realized I liked yoga and I wanted to do more, and maybe augment it by actually exercising. Yes, I caved and got a gym membership. The yoga classes at the gym did not suit my 9-to-5 lifestyle so I chose to attend the Body Balance classes. It's a mix of tai chi, Pilates and yoga and I enjoyed it immensely. Still, I don't practice at home, mainly because I do not have the space. I have since learned that even the most brief of yoga practice every day helps both my body and my mind. I like that I focus on the breath and the pose more than on that last email at work that I forgot to reply to! At home, I sometimes find myself doing a plank, a downward dog, maybe a bit of cat and cow to ease the pain in my back but I know I need to be more consistent and more focused about my practice so I have agreed with myself to start the Strength Challenge from this weekend. I am late to the party but will be catching up with everyone.
  6. Public parks here in Dubai offer free yoga sessions. During winter, they do a 5am session. It gets a little trickier during the summer though because of the heat and humidity. There is actually a group of like-minded folks who get together every Friday morning and practice in the park. They like to practice in a circle too. I attended my first open-air yoga session in December just before we went on holiday and I enjoyed it. It was a little loud and distracting as the Beat The Diabetes fun walk was also happening that morning. During meditation, the insects buzzing around and hovering were the distraction! I would very much like to join a full moon session one of these days! Some groups do it by the beach so it must feel really serene, I imagine.
  7. Any pose that does not allow me to go anywhere near that pose. Did that make sense? Maybe not, let me explain. I am a size 18 (UK) with a 42 inch waist, big birthing hips, thighs that can start a forest fire and I weigh 88 kilograms. I can do downward dog and chaturanga and chair pose and tree pose, even warriors without much problem, but once you try to get me to hold child's pose for 5 breaths or do a head-to-knee forward bend or stand in eagle pose and I just break down. My big belly and thighs and bingo arms just won't let me reach and twist and fold and bend properly. My arms don't twist correctly in eagle pose so I stand there looking really lame with one arm above the other and nothing else. My bum sits up in the air in child's pose so I try to do a modified version with my legs wider apart but I feel that I am not getting the full benefit of the pose because I am somehow cheating. I loathe sitting forward bends because I cannot tuck my belly fat somewhere else to do the pose properly. I always feel like a fraud when everyone else around me are turning into human pretzels!
  8. Thanks for the tip! And yes, I call them bingo wings too - I have two of them! I was taught the proper way to do chaturangas when I signed up for private classes. They are actually not as difficult as I thought at first. I'll keep adding them to my practice then and hopefully these bingo wings will fly away for good.
  9. Hello everyone! Don't know why it took me so long to join in the forum - I prefer this kind of interaction actually as it's not as past faced as Facebook or Twitter. Old people stuff, my kids would say. I think the YBC Forum map would look very interesting - people from all over the globe getting together! Amazing! Reading this in a very cool, foggy Dubai - yes we do get winters here too for all of two seconds every year so don't scare it away please!