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  1. This all so interesting! I have an orchid and it has just now lost it's last blossom. I was afraid to do anything to it until I found out how NOT to kill it! Thanks everyone. I'll try some of these ideas and see how it goes.
  2. Hi! Sorry I haven't responded sooner. I haven't been on the forum lately. Yes, I do have fibromyalgia and have had it for several years but diagnosed about 2-3 years ago. I've been on several meds and have given up on the one's for fibro. The best thing I've found for myself (I can't speak for anyone else who has it) is yoga, rest, and the understanding that I'll always have pain to some degree. I've tried the drugs that are recommended for fibro and have reactions to them so I've given up. I do also have lower back pain and have had surgery. I do sometimes need something stronger than tylelnol and have pain meds I use but yoga and walking keep it manageable for the most part.
  3. I also read somewhere that it also depends on where you put the om symbol and that it isn't to be on lower part of your body like feet. I may be wrong but something to look into before getting one. Other than that I say go for it! I love tattoos!!!
  4. No, I was referring to my profile settings. You can link or sign on with facebook or twitter but It is linked to my personal account. If you click on "facebook" it then has a section to choose what to sync such as last post and photo or not to sync.
  5. I have my personal facebook account linked with my profile on ybc. I have a yoga page I would like to link it to instead. Is this possible? My personal account is private but my yogagrammy page is public.
  6. I'm a thong girl all the way. I'm not sure about going commando though. I guess that would be ok but I just never do.
  7. I was trying to get a pic doing compass pose. I usually take a video then screen shot for a picture. Well, I do have a pretty funny yoga fail video on Instagram if you want to check it out. I was going to delete it but every time I watched it I laughed so hard I just had to share it! I fell onto my dog laying beside me on the deck but he got up and gave me a kiss to tell me it was ok. I still laugh when I look at it!
  8. Good for you! I would do the same thing. It's your money and being a business person he should have valued your desire to buy his product. It's a shame he feels the need to treat others in this manor. He probably has turned others off also.
  9. Looks pretty good! I think I may have to start watching!
  10. I can "sort of" do baby grasshopper so I'm going to work on my form and strength to hold it for several breaths. If I make good progress with it I may move from baby grasshopper to Full Big Momma Grasshopper! We'll see about that!
  11. I totally agree! Yuck to boat pose although I see great benefits in working on this!
  12. I'm excited! I'll start using the #YBCYogis
  13. Hi fellow ybcers! I have a thought. I love looking at everyone's progress with ybc projects! Here's where it kind of gets hard. I, along with some of you all, also join in other challenges as well. I get a little confused as to who I'm following and from where so I had an idea. What if we added a hashtag to our posts on IG so we could just check in on that hashtag from time to time and see what else the YBC family is up to. It really wouldn't have to be just pose pics! I don't know if this is an ok thing to suggest or not?! Something like #ybcyogis or something? Just a # we could add to all our other #s!!! I also wanted to let any over 50 yogis that myself and others use the hashtag #yogaover50. It's kind of nice to see someone my age showing strength and flexibility that can continue as we all get older by practicing yoga and some of the issues we...ahem..."more mature" yogis have! Thoughts anyone?
  14. I've just gotten a few things on Nordstrom Rack. Sizes can be limited but if you check back often for the newly listed items it helps. Many, many brands at discounted prices! Really a good place to look on line! Also I'm in love with leggings from A bit on the pricey side but I just love them!!! Great designs!
  15. I originally thought I'd work on my wheel pose. I have always been able to do wheel but my form is a bit weak and I wanted to work up to some variations of wheel. My right shoulder has been giving me fits the last few days, maybe due to my strong desire to stay up in handstand. I've really loved working on that. I've decided to work on splits and standing splits. My hip flexibility is lop sided as you can see in my instagram pics and I think this focus on hips just may let be feel comfortable in lotus.