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  1. Hi Candace and everybody, greetings from Germany where it is a nice and warm spring day. I just had an idea for a new month project - inspired by springtime which is detox time ;-) Maybe a project with asanas that help the detox organs, many postures with twists, stretches for the meridians that help the detox organs, some practices for a good sweat (skin as detox organ), maybe some of your great recipes, some tea recommendations and so on. Maybe including some "mind detox", this word just came to my mind ;-) Or including something like "one day without chocolate/cigarette etc./per week", a little bit like a fasting cure. I love your projects although I cannot really follow them as I would like to, due to some chronic pain issues and fatigue. But I do the best I can and I always feel better after practice or meditation and I think that is what it is about :-)