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  1. Me too, still dreaming of India
  2. Hi… I´m back! Almost 10 days have left, but it still feels unreal to be here in Germany although I am in my familiar surroundings. India was so fantastic, words cannot describe. I´m so grateful for this experience. Our trip started in Düsseldorf via Dubai to Delhi. There we directly started and visited a Sikh temple and Gandhi memorial. After that we drove about 6 hours to Agra. The guide advertised the new “Autobahn”. Ha, ha it was really rolling but totally ok. We all were so tired from the flight that we in spite of it all immediately felt asleep. After the first night in the hotel, the day started wonderfully. We visited Taj Mahal. We walked around for a while and could explore the area around. It was very impressive and we took wonderful pictures. On that day we also viewed Agra Fort bevor we go further to Jaipur. Next day in Jaipur we saw Palace of the Winds and then we took a ride on an elephant to Fort Amber. (I have to say that I didn´t felt well about the elephants.) Also on that day we visited City Palace of the Maharajas with historical astronomical observatory. The next day we had to get up very early to take the flight to Cochin in Kerala (via Mumbai). After a next long day of traveling we arrived to Carmelites priory in Paravoor. This was our stay for the next 4 days. The fathers and students there were so kind to us. It was awfully nice there. We meet the families and friends of the fathers and visited some schools, students and other families. It was so great to meet this entire people. They were all so kind and grateful. We also did a trip on a fisherman boat, went to a beautiful waterfall and attended to a Hindu festival with elephants and look at a lot of churches. It was a really good time. For the next two days we drove to Munnar. It´s situated at around 1,600 metres above sea level in the southwestern Indian state of Kerala. There are kilometers of tea plantations. We took a walk through the plantations and climb the hill across the jungle. Also we visited a tea museum and factory. I bought a lot of tea there. Next stop was Kumarakom. We did a stunning trip on a gorgeous houseboat on the backwaters. It was about 6 hours and very relaxing. The next hotel was close to a fabulous beach in Mararikulam. The last day we spend for some shopping. After that we drove back to Cochin/Paravoor. There we had a stunning goodbye-dinner in the priory. I´ve learned so much about India, but there is still so much more to see and learn. So many varieties there! I definitely have to go back at one time. I :13: India Reggi
  3. Hey together! Thank you for your kind words. I´m really excited. Can´t believe, just one day and the trip will start. Vaccinations are checked and all adventurous arrangements are done. First we will go to the north (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur) then to the North around Cochin/Kerala. I will tell you abou everthing after my return. See you!
  4. Count me in again! Great theme! I'm excited. Have to think about which pose I'll take... Maybe head- or handstand?!?
  5. Wow, I am mightily impressed!!! Good job everybody! And a great motivation to keep on. I will do! :24: Thanks Candace!!!
  6. Check
  7. Thank you candace for your encouragement. And for you get well soon, too
  8. This week I couldn't do anything. On Monday I've got a 4 in 1 vaccination. Since that I am feelings really bad. My back hurts, I feel pain in every bone and I' got fever as well. Today I am at home. I hope I will be fit for the last picture. Keep fingers crossed!
  9. Tthank you! I´ve had a great day!
  10. Me2
  11. Hi... I didn't get to practice as often as I would like to do at the last days. At day 6-10 I just did some sunsolutions in the morning and some streches bevor I went to bed. That was really frustrated, but I didn´t find the time. But yesterday I did a great, longer practice. I did sunsolutions and cat/cow to warm up. After that I did Candace's 20 min. yoga for back flexibility video and then 30 min. feel good heart opening yoga video. It felt fantastic after all. Way to go!
  12. Greeeaaat!
  13. Happy belated birthday, notlulamae. Hope you are feeling better!
  14. Hi everyone, Laughter Yoga is a concept where anyone can laugh as a form of exercise in a group. Which soon turns into real and spontaneous laughter. Have you ever been to a Laughter Yoga class? I did it for the first time yesterday. At the beginning it was a little bit freaky, but then it was really really fun! I felt really relaxed and happy after it! :D It has shown that it is helpful for people with winter depression. Give it a try!
  15. Day 3 was a rest day for me, because of the exhausting (but awesome) workshop I did on day 1 and 2. This morning I did some sun solutions plus trikonasana, bakasana, shalabhasana, childs pose and a 30 min guided bodyscan (unfortunately I fell asleep over it, but its ok). Later in the day I will go to my weekly yoga class. For tomorrow I can not await to do some of Candace videos. I am feeling good, just a little tired, but still excited! Love and all the best