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  1. I I feel the same way as you. I work at my computer, 5 days a week, around 10 hours per day with minimal walking. My shoulders hurt really badly after I graduate from school (slouching every time!) and enter the workforce. I go for a massage at least once a month previously, and usually the shoulders hurt again the next day. Even the therapists say that the knots in my shoulder are so tight. Then came yoga, probably the only thing that worked for me. Feel my shoulders loosening and it doesnt hurt anymore.
  2. I'm sure everyone has a yoga teacher they like, some they feel neutral about and some bad experiences. Curious to hear what everyone has to share. I'll shall start with something that has been on my mind for awhile. I have this teacher who seems to have a personal vendetta against me for some strange reason. In fact, I consider her as one of my favorite teachers as I really enjoy her classes a lot. But it's been a few months and she's pretty cold to me outside of class (in the yoga studio) when I ask her questions related to yoga. At times, she even pretend not to see me or reply when I say Hi. Also, she tends to single me out loudly whenever I happen to make a mistake, or when I take a longer time to get into a pose - hey, our bodies feel different every day right? She will sound very frustrated that I can't square my hips in dancers' pose or can't set my butt down between my knees in fixed firm pose. I try to be positive about it, but I realize that she does not point out other people's mistakes like she does mine. Most of the time she will go to the student and lower her volume, whereas my name is always across the room. I'm pretty confused. I thought maybe I'm somehow not cut out for yoga, but when I go to other classes the teachers are so encouraging and one even said I'm quite flexible. How weird! I'm sure I never offend her in any way though.
  3. I really like Stila's waterproof eyeliner. My eyelids are very oily and not a lot of the eyeliners are able to not make me look like a panda. Glad that I found stila which work so well for me.
  4. I thought it might be interesting to see what the ladies here have in their makeup pouch, let's share all the good stuff here! Here's mine: Laneige BB Cushion - One of my favorite Korean brands, works as a BB cream and foundation. Very handy for the lazy me! Laura Mercier Concealer Urban Decay Eye Primer Too Faced ''Better than Sex" mascara Too Faced "Melted" Lip Gloss - Love their packaging! Stila Waterproof Eye liner - Holy grail! The Face Shop eyebrow gel - Another Korean brand which is reasonable and good.
  5. Probably one of the easiest poses for most people, but it is so tough for me. My butt can never touch my heels, tight hips maybe? And usually I feel so out of place when everyone is blissfully resting in this pose. I wonder if any of the folks here have the same problem as me ?
  6. I really like Jiro dreams of sushi too. All the hard work into one tiny sushi makes me appreciate the cuisine a lot more.
  7. I'm currently obsessed with the tv show - Revenge. Love the twist and turn in the plot.
  8. I'm from Singapore! Thanks for your reply via email that day, Candace!
  9. So glad to be here!
  10. I wish I have all these brands in my country, ordering online plus shipping is going to cost a bomb! *stares at pocket
  11. People chatting and laughing loudly in the room before the class starts.
  12. Hi Candace, I am reading this from Singapore