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    I love to read, listen to music (of all kinds), and cook. I enjoy the great outdoors whenever possible, and especially love gardening. I have only been practicing yoga for a year and am still learning every day.

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  1. I'm joining in this challenge! I'm starting today and I've decided that I'm going to work on whatever pose(s) speak to me day by day. Overall I tend to focus on upper body strength, core strength, and hip flexibility so my poses will likely center around those areas. My overarching goal with this challenge is to become more consistent in my practice. I've been able to pull down my stress levels with my practice but I keep stuttering out after a few days. I'm hoping that this challenge will help me develop a pattern and stay consistent!
  2. Hey everyone! I haven't checked in in quite some time, but I am enjoying this project immensely. In the middle of my workout today (outside as it is gorgeous today) I had a very inquisitive visitor. She somehow snuck through the fence and stayed to watch for quite a bit lol. I thought I'd share with all of you!
  3. For the win!! Last night was the first time that I successfully got into supported headstand without touching the wall! I've been scooting back a little bit from the wall this week so I can really push myself and I did it! No kicking, no wobbling, it was awesome. Another extra-special aspect is that I went up into it on my "off" leg. Thank you thank you thank you Candace for providing these challenges! I don't think that I would've pushed myself this hard without a schedule encouraging me to go farther and work harder.
  4. Well everyone, my arms are exhausted lol. I made up a day off earlier this week today and whew. My focus pose is headstand, which is progressing amazingly well. I wasn't even able to get up into the pose a few months ago but now it's becoming easier and easier. Today I was able to get my legs up and extended without bouncing off of the wall. Yay!! However, my shoulders and arms are feeling it. I actually couldn't even push up into wheel pose later on in my practice! Sigh. By the way Candace, I absolutely loved your May Project blog post. That resonated deeply with me. I have worked on developing a healthier and more positive self-image and that post spoke to me. Thank you for continuing to be a voice of support and strength!
  5. I hope you feel better and heal quickly!!! I know how tough it is to injure oneself. Hopefully you will heal fast and well, especially since you already take good care of yourself and exercise regularly! I hope you feel better tomorrow. Good wishes!
  6. I definitely went through something just like what you're describing. I had been practicing for close to a year, 2-3x a week, and I felt like I was done. I love yoga, and felt as though I had finally found the kind of workout my body and mind needed, but then I started feeling hopeless. I could watch an instructor get into a pose but there was just NO WAY that was happening for me. At all. And I felt like it never would. Headstand? What a joke. I felt as though I had no endurance. I found myself attempting poses/longer videos and getting so angry that I couldn't keep up or do the full expression. I always thought that I had pretty decent flexibility, and while I knew that my upper body and core strength were not great, I didn't think they were half bad. Well, I was wrong lol. I think I hit a place where I realized that just how limited I was and that hit me REALLY hard emotionally. I felt like I had been doing all of this work and it had been for nothing. You know what though? It was for something. I read one of Candace's posts about thinking positively about yourself. Saying "I can" instead of ANYTHING else. Every time I practiced, I stopped shooting for the full expression of a pose and rather attempted to do my best. I made a very real effort to stop feeling envy when watching an instructor do something so effortlessly. Instead, I told myself, "I CAN do that. I just need to work really hard." I made a very conscious choice to go into a practice and listen to what my body was saying. I learned that I could push my body a bit more in some poses and in others that just wasn't going to happen. And you know, I learned to be content with that. I learned to accept my body as it is, beautifully flawed and always improving as long as I try. I've learned to set aside any and all expectations when it comes to yoga and to just go with the flow. I don't always succeed, but I try really hard to stay positive and open to myself. I hope this helps you in some way (and that it made sense!). Don't give up on yourself. I'm rooting for you! P.S. Try Candace's strength challenge. I had never practiced that much in my year-long journey at that point, but I made every effort to stick with it. It kicked my behind, but I've never seen so much progress so quickly in my life. I went from holding chaturanga for half of a breath to holding it for more than 5 breaths. It was also the first time I ever successfully got up into headstand. If I can make that much progress in a month, you can too!
  7. I was just looking for the answer to your first question on Candace's blog and found this: http://yogabycandace.com/blog/2013/8/8/how-to-do-a-standing-split. I'm glad I checked, because I really didn't know the answer to the hip question. As for the muscles, I have NO clue. My answer is always the abs lol. Seeing as how the core is so important to pretty much everything, it's my go-to answer . I hope someone else will chime in on that one!
  8. Hey everyone! I think I'm going to work on a bunch of these poses lol. Forward fold, as always, because no matter what I cannot seem to get my wrists flat. I think it is a mixture between tightness in the wrists and hamstrings both. I'm also going to focus on my standing splits and my wheel pose. Wheel pose is going to have to wait for a bit of time, however. My right shoulder is super tender for some reason so I'm going to wait for it to feel better before I start going into wheel regularly! Good luckr and safe progress to everyone participating!! By the way, today's workout was wonderful. I liked the simple pace for everything, and I was able to do it all outside. B-E-A-UUUU-TIFUL!!
  9. This for me as well! I have noticed that since I've been practicing, my feet have been able to come closer to the floor. To get them completely flat, I have to spread them farther than hip distance. I know that my calf muscles are tight, but they are getting better (along with my hips). I don't have any better ideas, aside from continuing to practice and stretching out. If anyone finds anything please share!
  10. Hey Candace! First off, THANK YOU for all of your guidance and advice for those of us on our yoga journey. I know that you have posted a yin yoga sequence on your blog, and also created a video for everyone. Would you be able to recommend a few more poses and how to adapt them for a yin practice? I recently discovered yin and I have fallen in love with it, but am unsure as to how to adapt a pose (and what poses in particular!). Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you again!
  11. I completely go with the "no reversing the flow" idea. Aside from inversions, are there any other poses that are not recommended for the same reason? I usually practice mostly restorative yoga during that lovely week anyway.
  12. Hey everyone! I've promised myself to spend more time on my mat for this challenge and I'm feeling freaking fantastic so far! I've chosen dancer's pose and I'll be honest, I really dislike that pose. I feel like a rather uncoordinated flamingo when attempting it lol. That is the reason that I chose it; I need to improve and get past the dislike. For whatever reason, I struggle balancing in this pose (but not in others, oddly enough). I need to focus on my shoulder flexibility, as well as back and hips. Here is to improvement!!
  13. I'm in the states and it bites that I couldn't attend even if I wanted to (week-long babysitters don't exist lol). I did share on FB though and I will share again through pinterest in just a moment. Best of luck that you fill up your spots!!
  14. I guiltily admit to not practicing as diligently during the Feb. challenge as I have the last two. For whatever reason, my body has seemed rather reluctant and my energy levels have been quite low. Rather than practicing 6x a week, I'm down to 2-3x a week. On the upside, I am still practicing, listening to my body, and practicing mostly restorative yoga with my challenge pose thrown in. I am still seeing progress albeit at a slower rate than past challenges and you know what? I'm fine with that. I'm learning to listen to my body and give it what it needs.
  15. So I decided to come into this project a bit late. I was feeling VERY blah and icky all last week so I only practiced 2x. Yesterday my energy was completely back though so I did a small practice. Lovely! I've chosen pigeon pose (with the ultimate goal king pigeon) as my hips are craaaaazy tight. I loved the January project and I can definitely notice a major increase in my overall strength (especially upper body and core!). I know that if I made that much progress in a month in my problem areas, I can definitely open up my hips and become more flexible. Here's to everyone working hard and having a wonderful time!