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  1. So excited to be going to the yoga workshop in Baltimore in September. Is there a way to find out if more tickets become available? My sister tried to get one the day after I bought mine and it was sold out.
  2. Today's workout kicked my butt! In a good way I think. Although I have to say I am really glad Candace is a yoga teacher and not a party planner
  3. Just finished Day 26! Can't believe I have stuck with it this long. Usually I start these challenges and fizzle out by day 3 or so. I've seen a huge improvement in flexibility. The pose I'm working on is pigeon. When I first started I was so high off the ground I had to hold onto blocks because my hands couldn't reach the ground. I don't need any blocks now and am only 2-3 inches off the ground. I've even been able to do headstands without a wall a few times and held a forearm stand for about a second the other day but that is huge for me. Thank you for this program Candace! Can't wait to see what is happening next month!
  4. When using a wall for splits are there modifications for people who have tight hips? I was looking ahead on the 31 day program and see that in a day or so we will need to use a wall for splits. The leg that is up in the air is bent. I can't get it anywhere close to straight so I'm wondering if I should even use the wall or if there is a modification for this. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thank you, that helps. It just felt awkward when I was trying and didn't look near as cool as you do when I was doing it lol.
  6. I've been practicing pretty regularly for almost two years now. I am very interested in becoming a yoga teacher when my youngest starts school full time which will be another year and a half from now. I am trying not to let my fears get in the way of my dreams. I am not as flexible as I would like to be and that is putting a lot of doubts/fears in my head. Just wondering if anyone has any advice or tips of things I could be working on now to prepare for a teacher training. Obviously, I will continue to practice regularly and hope the flexibilty comes but is there anything else? Books or videos that would be helpful? I'd appreciate any advice you guys can give me. Thanks!
  7. Thank you! Can't wait to hear/read what you have to say