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  1. thank you so much ladies for all of these awesome tips! I need to stop being so hard on myself, I think that's my biggest problem. I tend to tell myself "this weekend I will go back to my yoga mat!" then the weekend comes and I'm either burnt out from the military or school and sometimes I still do cry for what happened (my divorce and pregnancy all came along the same week of may) then I feel weak and its an endless cycle. I need to remind myself that I am human, and all of these emotions are completely normal but most importantly OKAY!. Hildegard, Trust me I need as many hugs as I can now haha so thank you, and I will take your advice on "not expecting" I seriously just need to incorporate that in all of my life, not just yoga. I will also try and give the website you stated a look tonight after school, maybe it can help with my relaxing and sleeping. yogafire I normally did go to a class, however now with a baby on the way, becoming a single mom overnight and getting out of the military this December I cant afford to go anymore (although its just 10 per class, I'm trying to be as watchful with my spending so when my contract does end this year I have some good savings for a few months before school again) I have really enjoyed the YouTube videos Candace does provide, so I will incorporate that into my routine. I think I'm also going to go through first with the mindful challenge you mentioned. I need it, and I need to ease myself into, instead of wanting to jump in when I'm still healing. Hahaha no Candace a hug wont weird me out, trust me I need hugs or good vibes, possibly both haha.You're completely right and the one day I did try savasana and I did break down, as I said in the beginning I need to be okay with breaking down for that's how we heal! Thank you so much for these tips ladies, I greatly appreciate it. I will try my best to accomplish this, its hard, but not impossible. Instead if running form these feelings and emotions I need to understand and embrace them.
  2. I used to have a set yoga routine along with meditating a while back, however lately I just cant seem to focus at all. I am stressed out, finding out I was pregnant, then finding out my husband was.. well not the person I thought he was, filing for divorce and then starting night school and working full time... not to mention I will be out of a job soon and having a baby right after. You can say I'm stressed. I have been taking positive steps!!, I have an amazing therapist and that is helping with all this madness. However, I still cant focus and get back on my mat. I'm a bit intimidated and scared as crazy as it sounds scared to get back on the mat. I guess I think I might just break down and cry as crazy as it sounds. I just its difficult for me to start again, my mats been collecting dust for a while now and I just I want to get back into it but it seems so hard. I don't know if any of you have any advice at all?
  3. thank you so much everyone, great useful advice and much appreciated as well. I will be taking bits and pieces and molding it to what works for me thank you so much
  4. You'd think with me being in the military this would come easy?? oh gosh no! Somehow I'm great at work.... however struggle with my own personal life (with just even the basic me time/ relaxation/ getting on a yoga schedule) I want to do Yoga for many reasons, however its so hard for me to get into a routine My mind starts racing into 500 million directions and I just can't concentrate and then just stop. i'm transitioning out of the military after 4 years and I just need some advice on this. I guess I've been so used to such a high pace life that Its hard for me to do such easy tasks for my own health and wellness! I'm open to advice.. thanks so much!!!
  5. Hi i'm Laura! I'm 21 years old, finishing up my last few months in the military. I'm currently in Hawaii