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  1. My routine was very similar to yours-yoga, running, a little weights or body weight exercises. I developed plantar fasciitis so I laid off the running to allow for healing. I decided to use the setback as an opportunity to try something new and started HIIT and focused on lifting more weight, more often. The workouts are almost all in the 30-40 minute range so it still allows me time for yoga without going too far beyond an hour. One day a week I do a long yoga practice and I have one rest day a week. I usually foam roll or do a yin practice on the rest day to fight off soreness. I have seen such great results! The new strength in my upper body has really helped my yoga practice and I'm seeing some nice abs peeking out! Hope that helps!
  2. What kind of marketing did you do for the older kids? You could check with the local schools to see if you could send home a flyer. We are always getting youth sports/activity sign up forms from school. Some we never would have known about otherwise! Maybe offer the first class free to bring people in? Or offer a special discount or prize to the kids who bring a friend to class? Do you know anyone involved with your youth sports leagues? You could offer your class for older kids as a compliment to their sports training. My boys weren't interested in yoga until I talked about it as a way to balance and support their soccer training. I think it is awesome you are offering yoga for kids. I hope that you begin to get more interest in your programs as word spreads about the great things you are doing! Good luck! I love your profile picture, by the way! <3
  3. When I'm in need of ideas I usually take to Pinterest. There are lots of charts (as you mentioned!) easy to find and all in one place. I can skim through quickly without visiting a ton of sites.Instead of using one as is I take inspiration from them and put together a series of poses that are a good fit for the people that come to my class. Now, this won't really work if you want to print it out but it allows you to customize it to your group's ability level and interests and still saves you the time of creating a class "from scratch". I think it's nice you are taking the time to introduce your coworkers to yoga! You might like this one: This is more of a reference than class but it could help:
  4. That is certainly a lot to take on at once! Sending you lots of hugs & positive vibes! It's ok to break down and being pregnant even under ideal circumstances is a very emotional and a little scary time. I agree with all the others, don't stress about adding a set routine. Just do what you can when you feel able and celebrate that. Same goes for when the baby arrives-in all aspects of life! I wish I could go back and tell my first time mom self that. Do what you can each day and let go of the rest! I struggle to find time to meditate, especially when I'm stressed-which is when I need it most! So, although not ideal, I started to take just a few minutes to sit in bed after the alarm goes off to set an intention for the day and do just the most basic meditation before I'm up and running. Best wishes to you, I hope you will keep us updated!
  5. I have this problem too! I first tried a yoga towel over my cheap mat but it shifted too much for me. It was an ok solution but buying a good, sticky mat was key! Well worth the investment!
  6. I like planks for core and there are plenty of variations so you never get bored Here is a link with 47 (!!) variations of plank exercises: Boat pose is a favorite, as others have mentioned. Again, lots of variations as you move from beginner to more advanced options as you get stronger. I also like Russian twists/Mason twists (with or without holding a weight) and those lovely leg drops (double or single leg) which are great for the lower abs and also make you feel like your abs are ON FIRE! I love the exercise Candace shared, I have never tried with a block though. I use one of those big exercise balls. The kids like to try to smack the ball out of my feet while I'm doing it (no fun for mom) so I'm thinking the block may be a better option! lol!
  7. Thanks for the great ideas ladies! It gives me a lot to consider! I think I'll first have to determine how many teachers plan to attend regularly. I'd like to make a minimum of $30 a class to make it worth the drive out to the school and the time invested. Donation based with a minimum would help take some of the discomfort out of setting a firm price! I don't think the district has any money set aside for wellness but it certainly doesn't hurt to look into it. I really like this idea. It could help spread the word to teachers district wide as opposed to just the group that works with the lady that approached me. Yoga would be so beneficial to the staff (I used to teach elementary and I know how stressful this time of year is!) and I'd love to share my love of yoga with as many of the teachers as possible!
  8. I was recently approached by the teachers at my sons' school about teaching yoga for the staff after school. I have never set my own prices before and struggle to know the worth and also how formally I should approach the arrangement. I read through Candace's teaching privates blog post and it brought up good points about liability and forms that I hadn't considered. I'd love to know how others have set up similar arrangements! As far as the $ issue- The per class price at the studio where I teach is $10/class or packages with better values. There are very few yoga classes or studios in this area so there is little to no competition for pricing. There would not be a fee for the use of the space or any overhead costs for me so should I go lower? $5 seems low but $10 too high! Or are package deals the way to go? So many questions and so little business sense lol!
  9. I would approach the instructor and/or the guy before class and politely mention that you would prefer not to be adjusted during class. You don't need to offer a reason why and honestly, they shouldn't need one! I feel like doing it before class might make it less personal for him, especially if you haven't been to class in a while. That way it is more about your personal preference not to be adjusted vs anything he did in class previously. You may find other people didn't enjoy it either and will follow your lead. Good luck! Hope you can get back to the class you enjoyed!
  10. Larry, that would bother me! If it were a crowded space and she had limited options to move around I would be understanding, but in an open space? No! I happen to be a fairly territorial person though so maybe other people don't find it as offensive or have such strong personal space boundaries. I feel like my mat space is an extension of myself. It's my own little island! It makes it hard to address when it is the instructor as opposed to another student. I probably wouldn't say anything to her unless it became a regular occurrence. What did you do? Walking on mats was a big issue at the studio where I practice. The students from the next class would push into the room as soon as the instructor opened the door at the end of our class. We were all in our nice zenned out stupor from savasana and the next group would come stampeding in, trampling across our mats every.single.night. GRR! The instructor finally had to wait until we were all completely ready to file out to open the doors because so many people were upset by it!
  11. If a search doesn't turn up any local studios try calling your local YMCA or other gyms in your area. Even if they don't offer yoga they may know of someone in your area that does. Around here a few spas and the local park service also offer yoga. You might be surprised where you find classes! I practiced at home for almost a decade before taking my first class in person so I totally understand how you feel! I like Kathryn Budig's Aim True DVD and I love YouTube because you can try so many instructors and styles. And since its free you don't feel bad quitting a video you don't like! In addition to Candace's videos, I like Tim Senesi and Reflexion Yoga's recovery videos for athletes. Our cable provider is also offering free yoga videos from Rodney Yee and Seane Corne along with many other instructors. Search around and try a lot of different videos and instructors until you find the style that works best for you! Good luck on your journey! Keep us posted!
  12. Here is my personal experience with online YTT. I also wanted to pursue teacher training but couldn't afford it thanks to my ridiculous student loan debt. I practice at a very small studio and the owner/instructor approached me to teach on an as needed basis. She mentored me and I took a basic online certification course before I started teaching. I only teach what I know and I don't offer adjustments. She took all of my early classes to offer constructive criticism and eventually I began to teach on my own. I now teach 1-2 classes a week. The program I used was intended to be roughly 6-8 weeks long and self-paced. There was a test at the end that you had to pass in order to receive the certificate by mail at the completion of the course. I don't feel like the online course was awful but it wasn't incredibly useful either. It taught me the Sanskrit names of poses, the background of yoga, 7 limbs of yoga, benefits and basic alignment of the asanas, and a very basic run down of physiology/anatomy. I have a feeling a few good books on yoga could have been just as informative. The online program gave me the piece of paper the studio owner wanted and I suppose gave me some minor level of "legitimacy" as a teacher. I am not a big fan of online education programs in general and I am honestly hesitant to call myself a yoga teacher since I don't have a real teacher training background. I'll admit I'm a bit embarrassed of my online certification! It served the purpose intended but as with anything else, you get what you pay for. Having said that, I do think I am a good teacher and good fit for what the students at this particular studio want to get out of their practice. Good luck with whatever path you decide to take!
  13. Can't wait! My practice has been pretty much nonexistent lately. Looking forward to something that will help me get back on track!
  14. You may want to search for Acro workshops in your area. Some of the ladies I practice with went to one and loved it! I don't believe you need to have a partner with you to attend. Candace posted several acro yoga videos you should check out too!
  15. I agree with the others. If you are in that much pain and feel like it is affecting your breathing it is worth a trip to the doctor. Better to have them tell you it is nothing than delay treatment on something that could cause you issues later. Now having said that, everyone feels things to a different degree. I feel some tension in my neck when doing what you describe and I have felt like my breathing is slightly restricted when doing things that cause the neck to fall back or strain and even deep side stretches. But never anything I would call pain or even discomfort. Like afriske said, pain is a warning and you should listen to your body. Don't push past your "edge". Honor what your body is trying to tell you! I hope you are feeling better soon.