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  1. Candace, would you be so kind to put schedule for monday here for all of us that practise in the morning and live in Europe?
  2. Dear Candace, thank you so much for this challenge <3 I'm a bit late, so tomorrow is my last day. It pushed me to clean my apartment from some very old and forgotten stuff, it made me say goodbye to a project and people that made me feel unhappy to say at least, it made some magic in my love life <3 and finally... I became stronger and found out I can do baby grasshopper So thankful <3
  3. Hello, my name is Petra and I'm reading this from Croatia. I've started pacticing yoga to tackle my adrenal fatigue and autoimmune disease. It was my new year decision to practice every day and I'm proud to say I didn't miss a day. Looking foward to 'heart opening challenge'