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  1. Good advice, thank you so much
  2. Hey everyone! I have been doing Candace's back bend project and I chose pigeon pose as my pose. And I did not have any trouble with it until now. So as of last week I have incorporated weight training for lower body twice a week. I was not able to do as much yoga as I wanted because I do pilates as well, however last night I did some yoga and my knee hurt pretty bad in pigeon pose.... I haven't had problems with this pose whatsoever but after doing gym training, my knees are tight and in pain. However it only happened in this pose, the pain. I don't have pain walking or running, even while doing squats. Can someone please tell me how I alleviate the knee pain? I was getting so good at the pose but this knee pain really held me back, I was so disappointed. I guess I just started out with too much weight at the gym which is why my knees are sore
  3. Does anyone here train lower body with weights? I'm trying to grow more muscle (especially in the behind haha) however I found it painful to do yoga after! My knees were so tight and they hurt quite a bit. I suppose I went too heavy with weights, I started last week. I'm doing this type of training twice a week. Does anyone have any good recommended exercises for the legs a glutes?
  4. Get this: Lightening your eye color by putting honey in your eyes. You are supposed to make a solution of distilled water and honey and put it in an eyedropper bottle and 2-3 times a day, you put a drop or two in your eyes. Its for people who want to go from brown eyes to hazel or green. I've also heard of mothers using breastmilk as a diy facial mask ingredient? Beyond weird.
  5. Hey just saw this, I have been practising yoga at least 4 times a week, usually its 5 though. And yes, definitley not the same, I do POP pilates from youtube so it's a very fast paced type of workout. And thank you so much for that advice! I wil deffinetly be trying that
  6. Thank you both for answering!! And Candace, when I pull my knee to my chest, I actually feel a bit of pain in the front of the hip, between where the hip and leg meet, definitley not tightness in the buttox or back of the leg. So does that mean it's bone compression? I don't do that stretch very often, when I do however and hold it, it very very slowly eases and can pull my leg in a tiny bit. So no it doesn't just STOP, but there's some pain (not the regular stretching tension pain). I think I'll keep doing that stretch lying down and pulling a knee into the chest, I'll try it out for a month and if it doesn't improve at least a bit, then I'll just go ahead and say I have weird hip sockets haha
  7. Thanks, I do pilates too so I've aquired lots of core strength, but I'll keep practising. Also, I can't really put my chest to my thighs, like even sitting down on a chair or something, I can't do it, I feel like there is something blocking me, this is why I'm a bit concerned. I've been working on my flexibility for a long time, almost 3 years, so its discouraging when I can do the splits but can't even put my chest to my thighs
  8. Hello Candace, I've been doing yoga for a month now and I have a problem, whenever I'm in downward dog or in a plank, and I'm transitioning to a pose that requires me to move one foot between my hands, I can't make it. My foot lands below my torso and I have to get up and then get into the next pose. It hasn't improved and I'm worried that there's something wrong with my legs or hips?