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  1. Hi there! Two years ago, I was be a regular here and would be totally obsessed about yoga. After all my travels and work, I fell out of my routine, and it really hurt me inside as I would really love my practice. I know it takes 21 days to form a habit, and I'm hoping to wake up earlier and start practicing a little bit every morning to get me back on the yoga train! Wish me luck!
  2. Hi THere. As you may know I came to this forum a few months ago and i was actively practicing yoga and participating here. However due to my summer travels and my hectic wedding season, I find myself 'too tired' and unmotivated to get to my mat. I'm usually good on a routine but it's when I leave the country for a week or so, it throws my routine all off. Can I have some advice on how to get my yoga practice back to how it once was. I know some of the answers may be fairly obvious, but I need all the help I can get right now Thanks!
  3. Great! Let us know how it goes
  4. I've learned recently that people will ALWAYS have an opinion about you. People have commented on my vegetarianism my whole life, and then my tattoos and piercings...and now so my yoga practice. I just learned that you always gotta just do you
  5. I thought I was the one one LOL!
  6. I suffer from staring at my phone too long when I wake up....Does anyone put on any of Candace's morning videos to open and wake themselves up?
  7. Perhaps practice at home first to open up the hips and then go to a tougher class?
  8. I'm a Wedding Photographer, and I use yoga to become more flexible and get those hard to reach angles. True story. It used to hurt to hold a camera while sitting in garland pose, but now it's a cinch!
  9. how about normal 'sit ups' to get a stronger core?
  10. I usually find classes at actual yoga studios to be better than gyms tbh. Ashtanga is usually a set sequence, but if it's a shortened hour class, the teacher may incorporate a few different poses in each class. However 95% of it is usually the same in my experience.
  11. Yes By far my favourite! I love the Transitions! It always makes me think "I never thought I could combine these poses together"
  12. Its interesting reading this topic because I wish I had ways to convince my female friends to join me in yoga!
  13. Thanks for this! I never seen it before! Wow!
  14. I would say have a space which is away from all distractions. Always ALWAYS have your phone on silent or off while practicing Good luck!
  15. Sent! Thanks!