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  1. Vicky, We are actually working on it right now. Just got back home late last night from the Costa Rica Yoga Retreat. Thanks for your patience and it should be up today. Cheers!
  2. Daisy, From my experience as an athlete, whenever I had a muscle strain, it was best to rest the muscle until it was healed. I personally wouldn't be doing yoga poses to heal a muscle strain. I hope you take it easy. Less is more when it comes to injuries. Cheers!
  3. Happy Birthday to AngelaDarling!!! I hope you have a special day for yourself!!
  4. Hi Daisy, I would see a doctor if you are having any pain or discomfort. It is always difficult to get advice on message forums when it comes to injuries because there are too many variables and unknowns when dealing with things like that. It is always best to see someone in person who has been trained in that field.
  5. Justforyou, Here is a few more for the list.....Enjoy!
  6. Justforyoga, You ask and you shall receive!
  7. Vinya, At the bottom of the forum page, there is a clickable "mobile version". You may have better luck using that to sign in using an iPad. We hope to in the future have an update for mobile users on the forum. Hope that helps. If not, direct message me and I'll be happy to give further assistance.
  8. Hi Justforyoga, Welcome to the forum and the YBC Community. Cheers!
  9. Hi Tyra, I'm sorry for the trouble you are having viewing the forum with your tablet. Larry is right, there is a mobile version on the bottom left part of the forum page. It makes it a little easier to navigate but it isn't fully integrated in the YBC look and feel yet. It is definitely a plan of ours in the future to improve the forums performance and appearance, especially the mobile version. Thanks for your patience and feel free to direct message me if you have any other problems or concerns about the forum in the future. Cheers!
  10. yogafire, Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will keep a closer watch on the status updates and make changes if it continues.
  11. Hi Araujo, I am not a doctor by any means, but when I had some lower back pain (muscle tightness) a couple years ago, it was because I had let my abs get weak. I also wasn't stretching enough and my hip flexors & hamstring were really tight. I started doing abs every other day and started some basic stretching and yoga to relieve tightness. After a month or two I really started to notice a difference. The biggest thing was doing abs on a consistent basis. It is the most important muscle in the body (in my opinion) because it's the center of your core and it's holding everything in place. When your core strengthens and has good muscle tone, it will naturally help support your lower back and spine. I think it is the root cause of most peoples back problems, (again, in my opinion). It is not a quick fix and takes time and discipline. But anyone desperate to feel pain free can find away to improve their life. Again, I'm not a doctor or an expert in anything, but for a lot of people with basic back pain from muscle tightness, this is my opinion. If it is more severe like a slipped disc, I would definitely be seeing a doctor asap. Cheers, Greg
  12. Hi Marcia, Welcome to the forum. It is great to meet you and I look forward to your contributions to the YBC Community.
  13. I can't believe how much you have improved in just one week. Great job and keep it up!!
  14. Either/or is fine, it's all personal preference depending on how you feel. If you are going to have an active recovery day, then foam rolling and stretching would be great. If it's going to be yoga, choose something restorative like yin or gentle yoga. It's definitely better not to just lay around all day on the off day. Going for a short walk is a good alternative to a more active recovery day. If you're working out often and then just lay around all day on the off day you might feel pretty terrible when you're ready to get back into working out.
  15. Sure, here ya go: Monday, March 2, 2015 15 minute yoga for tight hips 30 minute balance video spend 3-5 minutes practicing your chosen balance pose end in 5-10 minute savasana in supta baddha konasana Oops - this is Candace on Greg's computer
  16. I would suggest taking a break from pigeon pose for now. It could just be that your muscles are extra sore and tight from the extra training. This can put extra tension and pressures to different parts of the leg, especially the knee. Remember to always stay in a pain free range when doing yoga. I bet after some days and time for your body to recover and adjust to the extra weight training that this problem will go away. If you are frustrated because you don't want to fall behind in your pose you chose for the project, just mentally let it go and pick up where you left off once your knee has had time to calm down and feels back to normal. Life is full of ups and downs. This may be a minor set back, but by years end you may be in a place where your pigeon pose it the best it has ever been. Life is full of unexpected things. All the best!
  17. This thread is getting tough to scroll through, so we are going to try to clean things up. We now have two new forums for Ask a Yoga Question. In this forum, you can post your questions to be answered by fellow forum members. Rest assured you will get high quality answers - there are so many knowledgeable and helpful people in this community. Please start a new thread for each question, and then all answers and conversation pertaining to that question should be kept in that thread. In this forum, you can post your questions to be considered for the weekly Ask a Yoga Question post on These should stay questions only, no discussions, as this will make it easy for us to ensure everyone's questions are answered. If you'd like your question answered by both the community & on the blog, please post your question in each forum. This just helps keep things more organized. Thank you for your understanding, and please let me know if you have any questions. We appreciate your participation and are thankful for this wonderful community! Best, Greg
  18. Hi Michelle, I think we can resolve this. If you look at the bottom right corner of the post you would like to quote. You should have a "MultiQuote" option and a "Quote" option. If you only want to quote one comment, simply click the "quote" button and a reply box with the quote should appear. If you want to quote more than one comment from the thread, you click the "MultiQuote" button. If you have already tried this and it is not working for you, please direct message me and we can work out the problem together. Maybe the forum software is having issues with specific devices you are using or browser. Either way, let me know if this helps. Thanks.
  19. I just ran into this ARTICLE on foam rolling for those new to it. It will bring some insight to why it hurts so much to roll out as well. haha Cheers!
  20. I'm thinking it was a combination of both.
  21. Yes, I actually bought one of those recently. I loved that it was much smaller. But after 1 month of use, it broke. So I wasn't too happy with the durability of it. Maybe I was too intense with my rolling....
  22. Happy Birthday to Kyoko and Alisa!! I hope you both have great days filled with happiness!!
  23. Yes, please do let us know how it goes. We also have a dehydrator, but I have not been inspired lately. Maybe you could change that with some good ideas.
  24. I just recently found this new company from Germany who makes great rollers (Blackroll). They are the flat ones, I have used both flat and "rumble" ones and I don't notice a difference between them. I have also tried both soft and hard ones. I don't find the soft ones doing much of anything. You should get used to using the hard ones that will have the greater impact. They will hurt more on your muscles . But without pain, you will not gain. The best part about these rollers are they are sooooo light. I also had the rumble orange one that you see a lot of and it is heavy. Not good for packing. Candace and I move and pack our bags for flights a lot and the Blackroll is so light, it hardly takes up any weight when you are trying to stay under the 50lbs flying limit. If you would ever travel with it. As I type this, I am realizing how strange my life is. Here is a link for the hard one, is also comes with a DVD: Here is a link to the soft one, but it doesn't come with the DVD: I also really like the sound of these little ball rollers that you could use for your back and calves/hamstrings, etc. Made by the same company.
  25. HI Jasmine, I have used a foam roller for years. I use it primarily every day before workouts or sports. It's a great way to loosen the body before training. It helps break up the muscles fibers and connective tissues before putting your body through a vigorous workout. It can also help with over all body maintenance and flexibility. But don't get me wrong, I don't know the exact scientific reason for why we roll out. It has always been a something I have been told I have to do by coaches and strength trainers prior to exercise. If you are not used to rolling out, your muscles will hurt a bit at first, but as you get used to it, the pain will go down. My fav is rolling out the I.T. Bands on the sides of your legs and rolling the quads. ( No Pain, No Gain )