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  1. DIY Hard Surface Yoga Space for Carpeted Rooms - What a great idea Jake. It was very well done and I think a lot of people will benefit from the time you took to tell your story and idea. I also love the bright green yoga mat. #stylepoints Thanks! LINK HERE
  2. Hi Members, I wanted to create a thread that allowed people to discuss yoga DVD's and or Videos. The following posts have been moved from the YouTube request forum. Thanks.
  3. Happy Birthday to ThePrincessRants!! Hope your day is filled with lots of !! Enjoy your All the best, Greg
  4. I just wanted to share a link I found pertaining to Black Friday. Link Here I believe this site will continue to update with new deals leading up to Black Friday. Happy Shopping! Does anyone else have any go to websites they use for their online shopping for Black Friday?
  5. Hi Olivia, I am a 30 year old male. For me I will only wear Lululemon boxers and socks. I am a bit picky about socks and underwear. I have been exclusively wearing them for about 9-10 years. Early on the quality of the underwear was great. They were durable and very comfortable. As of the last 3-4 yrs I have seen a huge drop off in quality. The boxers rip very easily on the inner thighs and you can feel how thin and cheap the boxers have become. I have been wanting to find a new brand to switch to that hasn't compromised their quality. The socks are not quite the same quality either, but the drop off isn't as bad as the boxers over the last 9 years or so. I like the low ankle style, but I absolutely hate the style with the extra thick flap on the back heal covering the achilles tendon. That style never seems to stay up and slides down. (not snug enough) In my opinion Lululemon makes good products but they used to be better quality. In the last few years I am slowly changing my opinion of the company and will be looking to purchase another company for socks and underwear once I find one I like.
  6. Here is another great deal on Amazon only good for today. Link Here $300 8 piece set marked down to $89.99 If anyone else sees good deals yoga or not yoga related, don't forget to share with your friends on the YBC Forum so everyone can share in the wealth.
  7. I saw this sale item on Amazon. It is a slow masticating juicer by Chef Star. It looks very similar to the omega brand that I have (Review link here). There are so many benefits to a masticating juicer over the centrifugal juicer. Here is the link for the Amazon deal. Its original price is $399 and it is marked down to $79.99. Maybe a good xmas idea for someone you know as well that likes to juice.
  8. A big Birthday Wish to Reggi!! Hope your day is a special one!! All the best, Greg
  9. Hi Members, I have enabled members to now upload pictures via URL and attaching a file. Please keep in mind there are still restrictions in files sizes. But to attach a url, you can click the picture icon that is located just below the emoticon icon above the text box. If you want to attach a file, you click the "choose files" button below the text box and choose a file already stored on your computer. We are looking forward to people sharing their progression stories and pictures. P.S: If anyone is having troubles with uploading, please PM me or reply to this topic so I can assist you. Thanks.
  10. YogaFire, I have to admit, emoticons definitely have an impact on my posting decisions.
  11. Hi Yogafire, Yes you are able to upload an attachment when replying in a thread. It is not only when you are starting a topic. When you are replying to a thread, look on the bottom right corner of the reply box. To the right of the "post" button there should be a "more reply options" button. If you click that, then the larger reply box with appear that will allow you to add attachments. I hope this helps and wasn't confusing. Let me know if you are able to find it. Thanks. Greg
  12. Oh glad you mentioned that. Yes it does matter and I will continue to work on it. I'm waiting on a reply from technical support of the forum host provider. Thanks.
  13. Hi Nathalie, Thank you for the information. I have been trying to work on this for a while. But do to my recent life transition I haven't had a lot of time to finish finding a solution. I am going to get back to this issue soon. In the mean time, when you are viewing the forum from a mobile phone or tablet, you can scroll to the very bottom of the screen and click the "change theme" link. You will have a choice of YBC Desktop or Mobile. Choose the Mobile and the icons should appear again. I have been trying to make is so the default theme is the YBC mobile for mobile devices but haven't been successful yet. I will continue to research and hope to have it fixed soon. Let me know if you are able to change the theme on your mobile device and the icons appear? Thanks. Greg
  14. Yes I do. It is deeeeeelicious!! Well it takes a little getting used to. I remember my first time tasting it in a soup, I thought it was really fishy. But by the end of that one bowl I was used to it.
  15. Our crockpot is mostly used for making natural bone broths. Usually a small chicken which takes about 6 hrs. Then I break the chicken down and either eat the meat or package it. Then I snap all the bones in half so the bone marrow is exposed, I put it all back into the crockpot with water and let is soak on low for 24-48 hours. I add sea salt and pepper to taste. The other times I make broth is with fish. I will just use a wild trout of some sort, it doesn't really matter what kind of fish. I let the fish soak on low for 24-48 hours with sea salt and pepper. Either drinking fish broth or using it for a soup feels so nutritious. Even more than the chicken broth. There are so many healthy and healing qualities with natural bone broths. I recommend it to everyone!
  16. Oh no! Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Hope you feel better soon.
  17. Happy B Day to Roxychalk and Jaime. We hope that you had a great day celebrating your B Day!
  18. Congrats! That is great. What a great feeling to accomplish something you have been working so hard at attaining. Don't let your husband get in your head. I'm sure there are plenty of yoga poses you have mastered that he couldn't come close to doing.
  19. I love this! To be honest I never understood why society has created this image that a family or couple must eat the same things at the same times. We are all different and our bodies need different things. Some people feel better eating a vegan diet, when some other people might feel better when they only cut out dairy, or someone loves to eat meat. It shouldn't matter and each partner in the relationship should be able to eat when and what they want. If one partner feels better eating 5 small meals per day and the other partner likes to eat 2-3 bigger meals per day, then that should be ok. Plan for yourself while supporting the others choices.....
  20. Hey Guys, Anyone on Instagram or Twitter? I thought it would be fun if we all could connect there as well. My twitter name: MrBalloonhands My Instagram name: Mr_Balloon_Hands
  21. I crushed a an earl grey tea today. It had been so long and I had forgotten just how good they are for breakfast!
  22. This is something we can definitely think about for the future. But as of right now we do not have an app for the forum. We do have a smaller theme that is a little easier of mobile devices to work on the forum. If you scroll to the bottom of the forum page and choose "change theme" on the bottom left hand side, then you have change it to the mobile theme. Just keep in mind when you sign in on a desktop computer again, you may have to change the theme back to the main selection. Thanks.
  23. Lindsay (Linnernin), Welcome to the forum. I had the privilege of living in Ann Arbor for two years. I went to Pioneer High School. It is a great college town and I hope you are enjoying your time there. I hope to go back and visit my host family who I lived with for those two years. Great people!
  24. In the spirit of Halloween just around the corner, I thought I would share this link. Do any of you pull pranks to scare people on Halloween? Do you have any Halloween traditions? Does anyone have any funny videos of Halloween pranks? What are your favorite Halloween movies?