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  1. Love your newsletter, I'm on school holidays now and just bought the book you're reading, I loved 'me before you' so let's see what this one is like. Have you enjoyed it Candace? Anyway, the forum at hand. I just accepted an offer on my London Flat and so now can start moving forward searching and buying my own little cottage in Yorkshire, how amazing would it be if it had a cellar or attic i can convert to a Yoga Studio. Very excited about the prospects ahead... just not the legal paperwork that awaits. A low this week was how many hours i worked. As an Inclusion Leader/SENCo in a large primary school, i find it VERY hard to leave my work at work, especially as the protection and safety of young children is at the forefront. After a 12 hour day, plus travel, in the car journey home i long for two things, wine and my mat. not necessarily in that order...