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  1. Yeah, of course!
  2. Hi everyone! I love all of the topics, posts, and replies to everything; it's all so helpful! I have a topic I need advice, words of encouragement, or anything really on. My boyfriend and I have been dating for four years now and have been long distance basically the whole time. He is two years older and went to a college five hours away from mine, moved home after his graduation, and I still had two years left (we're from the same home town, which is awesome). He went to school for Air Traffic Control and now, two and a half years later, got sent to go to training in Oklahoma City until January while I'm still in Minnesota...even though we have been long distance, this time is so much more difficult and I can't put my finger on why it is or what to do with myself. I have recently decided to cook - A LOT - which has helped and I started two new jobs so I'm remaining busy, it's just I miss him so much. Any advice or anyone who can relate??
  3. I'm definitely no make-up expert, but I went into a make-up store about a month ago and I was looking for a good quality mascara because, unfortunately, I do not like going a day without mascara (blessed with light complexion and hair color). I asked for a mascara that had less chemicals since I'm trying to make more conscious decisions about what I'm exposing my body to! The employee told me about the make-up line, Pur (it has the two dots above the 'u' but I'm not sure how to get that letter in here!). It's awesome! It has argan oil in it to condition lashes as well as making my lashes look long and full! I think it was $18 where I bought it so a little more expensive, but totally worth it, I believe! My mom bought eye shadow and liquid liner from them, which I steal because I like them so much!
  4. During my undergrad, I took a class for Complementary Alternative Medicine and it really sparked an interest in me about considering the things I am exposing myself to (different chemicals in beauty products, conscious food choices, etc.). Then my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, which really made me want to change my lifestyle and create good habits while kicking out the bad habits. My mom recently went to a conference in St. Paul for breast cancer and came home with this book called The Chemistry of Calm. A Minnesota author wrote it and he made the text very easy to understand, which I appreciated. It is basically about how to treat your body well to fight anxiety without the use of medications by eating wholesome foods, practicing meditation, using supplements (I personally would not use supplements), and how the hormones/chemicals in our bodies work as a team along with how we can provide our bodies with the correct nutrition and exercise to help that team of hormones/chemicals. The book is only 256 pages and easy to read. I am normally a slow reader and I got through 100 pages the first day my mom brought it home! Also, he wrote The Chemistry of Joy, which I have not seen, read, or heard about, but I'm sure it's fantastic.
  5. My name is Kjersten and I am from the humble town of Albertville, Minnesota! I have been practicing yoga for three years now after my friend introduced me, but am looking to deepen my practice and learn more about myself!