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  1. Thank you to viewsonic123 who posted a reply that I got in my email inbox, even though I don't see it here for some reason.... Do Mountain Pose, Downward Dog, and Warrior! It seems like I can handle doing those, even if I only have 5 minutes!
  2. I made an image out of the recommended poses to do during menstruation from that link you provided.
  3. A question asked by many throughout the ages... perhaps the answer will come to you while you are doing yoga!
  4. That 10 min gentle yoga for neck and shoulders video by Candace is a seriously great discovery for me! It seems so simple and yet has made a huge impact on me in just a few days. <3 Love!! I have been running out of time in the morning but at least I know I can fit 10 minutes in.
  5. Thank you, Larry! I will try that. It seems I have a few "Problem Areas" to really work on before I can just "go with the flow." Thanks for the reply! That is great, it's actually really handy that two problem areas for me, wrists, and neck, are focused on in that Forrest yoga video! So it's actually a good thing to repeat that material, in my opinion! I'll look into a better pillow, I've been eyeing those memory foam ones with the raised ridge on the bottom for your neck... probably better than the rando-pillow I use now. And I will add that neck and shoulder warm up to my morning! I think it's a great idea, thank you! The one I did this morning was pretty basic but had no warm-up, and now I know I will have to add a warm-up to any yoga routine I decide to do. I guess I just figured you could jump right into it without warming up... big surprise, that doesn't work well!
  6. I work at the computer, too, so it's possibly caused by the same thing! I've been on a computer a lot for my whole life, through high school and university and all jobs after that. Thank you, that video looks very helpful! I will try these stretches daily and see how they help!
  7. Does anyone else find that their wrists are not very strong? My wrists (and hands) get quite sore after a few downward-facing dogs or anything where weight rests on them. I'm finding that limits my practice, but I'm not willing to give up. Any suggestions for wrist-strengthening exercises? I have an undiagnosed hand muscle problem that basically causes very sore thumb pads (the big spongy part below your thumb on your palm) for no reason (that I know of, possibly genetic b/c my mom has a similar issue) but the doctors just want to inject me with cortisone and I say, no, it's manageable. But that adds to the soreness when I put too much weight on my hands. But one day I will do a handstand! Also, just wanted to say, I love that I found a place to ask yoga questions! I'm way too shy to go to the yoga studio and ask them, they are all very advanced and I have never been good with accepting my own ignorance. It's easier, online. <a href=http://www.freesmile
  8. I basically rolled out of bed and onto my mat... didn't do a warm up... perhaps that's the problem!! What warm ups would you recommend? I usually sleep on my side with one pillow and I don't find my neck *hurts* at all, it's more just a weird tense tightness that makes it tough to look down only... side to side and up are no problem.
  9. Hi all, I've been doing yoga for years but not consistently. I want to start doing yoga in the morning, every morning, and am starting off slowly with 15-20 minutes. This way I will get yoga in every day and start the day off right. Today was my first day. But, I have found that my neck is very stiff in the morning (it always is...) and it's tough to do the forward-bends or anything where my head is bent forward. Anyone else experience this? Any tips? Should I give myself more time before doing yoga to loosen my neck, or should I do it anyway and hopefully get rid of the stiffness during the practice? Any particular stretches I could do before yoga? Thank you so much, for reading, and for any input you might have.
  10. I find that happens to me quite often, but I just try to not let it bother me, and just go at my own pace. Often I'm so far behind, though, that I might have to skip a pose or two. I figure, if I keep working on that same video, a good way to know if I'm improving is if I can keep up and not skip any poses. Of course, some videos are just meant to be faster, and I assume that those are meant for a little more experienced yogis than I.
  11. Hi, I'm Kelly, and reading from Prince George, BC, Canada!
  12. Punish Violently Abusive Slaughterhouse