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  1. I started doing yoga as a way to get in shape and to mix up my regular workout. I used to do a ton of cardio and weights, but after I graduated from college and no longer needed to for my cheerleading team I wanted to transition into something a little less impact heavy. Originally, I was using videos on youtube on and off at the urging of a former partner. Then, this past fall, I had a major anxiety attack. I'm a trauma survivor from some really heavy stuff that happened when I was a kid, and I was triggered by someone very close to me. To be fair, it was a really high stress time in my life--I work in politics and it was election season, I was studying for the LSAT, and my partner had just moved to another coast a few months prior and we'd gotten into a huge blowout--the combination of all of the things was just too much. It absolutely wreaked me. I was a mess for weeks--in and out of depression, coasting through work, emotionally unavailable, and I was isolating myself from my social network. In a moment of clarity, I forced myself out of bed one morning and into a local yoga studio and never looked back. I started seeing a therapist and it helped (God, did it help) but yoga was the one thing that grounded me until I found a therapist that I liked and wanted to see regularly. I dove into it and started going to a class 2-3 times/wk. Being able to concentrate on my body and breathe was life-saving. It felt like coming up for air--I hadn't even realized how long I'd been drowning. My mat became my quiet place. I've slowly gotten away from it in the past few weeks (bad breakup and subsequent post-breakup spiral) but I'm really wanting to deepen my practice this year. It's become a form for therapy for me.
  2. Hi Candace! I have a hamstring question. I'm a former cheerleader and when I cheered, I was a flyer (or the little one that got thrown around a lot/was on top of the pyramids). All that to say that I used to be very flexible. I always flew on my right leg, and used my left leg for tricks (heel stretches and the like) so the leg leg has always been my more flexible leg. Lately, however, I can feel the tightness in my left left way more than I feel it in my right. I feel it the most in the prasarita padottanasana part of the ashtanga series and I'm mildly concerned, as it's so tight that it get painful/I can only feel the stretch in the left leg, never the right during this part of my practice. Could it be that I've overstretched it at some point? I can't get it to lengthen back out/ become more flexible for the life of me and, quite honestly, I'm a little scared to try. Do you have any suggestions on loosening it back up?