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  1. Has anyone been to a big yoga festival before? Like wanderlust or something, bigger than a small retreat. What was your experience like?
  2. a combination of shoulder stretching and backbending and hip flexor opening all helped me! the YBC backbending project has 3 weeks (so far) of suggested videos and sequences to work on it!
  3. I like suptabaddhakonasana while I'm waiting. I always hope that we do it again later in the class so I can compare! I always feel a little guilty chatting so I try to stay quiet
  4. Hi all! I am considering doing a yoga teacher training, and I was wondering what yoga books have been essential in your practice (currently or during your training or something you wish you read during your training) I heard about light on yoga, which I have downloaded but not yet read. I have yoga anatomy, and yoga sequencing, and women's health big book of yoga. Thanks for your input and sharing your experiences!
  5. I always hear from everyone about how the quality has dropped over the years. I always find that the pants are see-through when I try out a downdog in the fitting room. I have also noticed that the bra inserts they have for the shirts have become very thin and easily squished/creased which makes them look weird through the shirt But I feel that the shirts alone are too thin to wear without an insert, I prefer more coverage. But I love the yoga mat!
  6. I am obsessed with the lulu mat! Before, I had the typical $15 yoga mat, which was obviously not great, then tried out the manduka when I decided to be "serious" and it was slippery! I like a sweaty vinyasa class so that was super frustrating. My favorite yoga teacher recommended the lulu mat so after I returned the manduka, I tried it out and I'll never use another mat! Except I am considering buying the humongous one haha but I don't really have a good reason to except that I want it... haha I still want to try the jade one though. But one of the other regular yogis in my nonheated vinyasa class always slips on his so that has kept me from buying one so far.
  7. I had a manduka mat for a while and same thing, slippery. Nothing helped (salt scrub) I eventually returned it and got the lululemon mat. Has anyone tried that one? I'm officially obsessed and convinced my boyfriend and friend to buy it too
  8. Hello everyone! I'm Amanda, and I've been living in Seattle WA for the past few years I started yoga-ing during college and fell in love and practiced off and on since then, and getting more consistent over the last two years. I enjoy playful vinyasa classes and also restorative. I've been reading the YBC blog for a while and finally participating in the backbend project this month, and decided to finally start chatting in the yoga forum!
  9. Time for second breakfast! Happy #meatlessmonday! Potatoes, mixed baby greens, and an egg. Sometimes…