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  1. Hi everyone, After eyeing Teeki's hot yoga pant selection for quite some time, I'm going for it and will splurge on a pair of cloud print leggings - yay! I've never owned Teekis and am therefore not familiar with the sizing. Internet reviewers seem to be divided over purchasing true to size or one size up. Can anyone let me know what their experience has been, please? I'm an in-between-sizes type of girl (S/M) and have read that the waistband slips down sometimes when you size up. Thanks guys! Paula P.S.: For those of you wondering why I don't just order 2 sizes and return one after trying both on...I have had terrible experiences with companies not accepting returns and would rather just avoid it if possible.
  2. Hey everybody, How important is it to breathe as the instructor tells you? I find that most of the time my body *wants* to breathe the opposite of what I'm instructed to do. The most prominent example I can give is cat/cow pose....whenever they tell you to inhale on cow and exhale on cat, I really have to fight to follow instructions and keep from breathing the opposite direction. Should I keep breathing as told or do what comes naturally?
  3. Hey Jasmine! Welcome to my world. Hip opening is my favorite benefit of yoga, and it took me some weeks of consistent stretching/opening to get anywhere, but it was SO worth it. So keep on going even if you don't feel that things are improving - they are. My favorite hip openers are in this video by Candace: It's only 15 minutes, and I would do these moves consistently 4-5x a week, and it REALLY helped.I understand your hesitation and discomfort with "sideway" stretches. They made me so uncomfortable too! I'm still not quite there, but in the video Candace shows you how to do frog pose, and I suggest not skipping it. It helps a lot. I guess the sideways part also comes easier as your hips start to open. Three things that made a big difference in general: 1. Loosening the hamstrings with forward bends as well. 2. Giving your hips a rest if they feel sore from all the opening. 3. Doing some light hip openers in the morning, not only at night. I don't know why, but once I started doing that, my progress made leaps.
  4. Hi everyone! I'd like to ask you guys about your experiences with using silicone-free hair products. How was your transition, how long did it take your hair to adapt? Did any of you go back to silicone products? I have heard people swear by silicone-free products, and then there are some who went back to silicones because their hair was completely brittle and dry. I'm interested in your stories!
  5. Ok, I am just going to answer my own question You guys, I now swear by silicone- and sulfate-free hair care products. Since March, I've exclusively used natural hair care products and I've noticed a significant improvement in overall hair health. It took me a few months to find products that work well for me, but it was worth it. Hair is much shinier and healthy-looking, grows much more evenly, has less breakage/dryness at the ends, and interestingly my dirty blond hair even looks lighter at the roots (the irony here is that I've been coloring my hair for the last 10 years to get a honey-hued shade of medium/dark blonde, which - guess what - is my natural hair color anyway ). As it is, I can strongly recommend giving natural hair products a chance, or trying the no-poo method, which I did for about a month and LOVED as well (hair now needs only 1 washing per week). I've been loving products by a Swedish company called Harologi (, which are kinda hard to find even in Europe, but they are AMAZING If anyone else here has experience with their products PLEASE let me know, I am dying to hear from other users!
  6. Yes, I HATE receiving any kind of comment like that when working out, and it never fails to make me feel violated and inexplicably angry, even though I assume the intention was a different one. I know this may sound like a complete overreaction, but comments like the one mentioned above leave me feeling dirty instead of good. I agree with Candace, a compliment can be worded much differently for a different effect. In fact, I also really dislike when people blatantly check me out when I run, which is when I don't want to care about how I look. For this reason, I run at dusk or sunset about 96% of the time. I am aware that I can't control other people's "looking", so I adjust to avoid it.
  7. Absolutely. Four years ago, when I was 26, I decided I was done with choosing between "presentable underwear" and "home underwear". I went out and bought 15 pairs of comfortable, versatile and attractive undies at Intimissimi (my beloved Brazilians ). One of the best purchases I've ever made. I still have most of them, and they work for sports, daytime wear and date nights. So yes Vicky, I love the simplicity and practicality in least in one part of my life is simple!
  8. I swear by seamless brazilian-style underpants. They stay in place nicely and don't cause any "chafing" during yoga...they don't even feel "thongy". To prevent stretching out after wearing and washing often, you should buy higher quality ones (which as usual means higher price). I highly recommend the seamless brazilian bottoms by Intimissimi ( Look for at least 13-15% spandex/lycra in the material composition when buying underpants for working out.
  9. Thanks Candace, your reviews were actually super helpful because you wrote a good bit about sizing in there (not the case with other sites). Also, your site is one of the first to show up when you type "Teeki pants review" into Google I ordered the small and they arrived today....and they fit like a glove. My personal take is that the small fits perfectly for my frame (see photo), and sizing up as recommended would probably have been too much. The waistband seems looser than on other yoga pants, but it still provides enough compression. I feel as though sizing up would have been a mistake. Thanks everyone for your input! I really appreciate it!
  10. Thank you for your detailed answer! That actually really helps. I'm always a Lululemon 6 and wasn't sure if a Small would accommodate my height (5'8"). I'm grateful for your input - thanks again!!
  11. I am not a fan of selfies in general, but that just means I won't be taking or posting any of myself. I do follow yogis who inspire me on Instagram, and that ultimately gets my butt onto the mat some days. However, I will say that I do not care much for the pouty-lipped selfie pose or people looking for confirmation of how beautiful they are on a daily basis (or pretty much anything having to do with the Kardashians). That just turns me off, but then again I find that it usually applies to younger girls/women trying their hand at social media. That said, I will reiterate why I am such a big supporter of Candace and what she stands for: she never seems to be looking for "fans", but rather like-minded people who want to improve their yoga practice and health. That is inspiration to me. As Kristi said above, I also find Candace's scorpion pose progression crazy inspiring! And I love that she does them unapologetically in a bikini. So maybe that is the difference in what turns me off and what doesn't: people who do it for their ego vs people who do it for others. Maybe that sounds oversimplified, but it's what makes me follow someone or not.
  12. Thank you Candace and MrBalloonHands! I just saw that everything was updated under the appropriate category - thank you!
  13. Hi Candace! Could you please update your youtube playlists by adding recent videos? I find that I choose your videos for that day either by length or body part focus. Having all of them categorized would be a huge help actually - thank you. By the way, seeing you master all these arm balance transitions on your recent retreats has given me a major boost of confidence and motivation to keep at it!
  14. Hi everyone! As I'm making the transition from beginner to intermediate, I'm starting to play around more with arm balancing poses (now that I have the upper body and core strength for them). I've noticed though that I get so many bruises on the backs of my upper arms, mostly from friction but also from the pressure of my legs in poses like side crow, firefly pose or eight-angle pose (i.e. my attempts thereof). It doesn't help when I wear long-sleeved shirts. Does this get better with time and practice? Or is there a way to avoid it? I usually have to take a break for a few days while the bruising goes down before I can keep practicing....and, well, summer is coming up
  15. Thank you for your answers and feedback! Yes, I do bruise easily! Crow pose is actually the one that causes the least bruises, it's the ones that require squeezing your upper arms with your thighs and causing the skin to rub there. I know I need even more strength to pull off any arm balancing pose. Grasshopper...oh my. I come back to it regularly, only to find that I am not ready for that yet, even though I want to be so badly. Let's see if the bruises become less as I try to become "lighter" during arm balances.
  16. "I have obsessively been watching how to videos for all common or dream yoga poses that I do/aspire to haha." Yes, yes and YES
  17. Hi awarreningermany, I re-launched my yoga practice pretty much the same way you did: online videos at home, supporting my practice with workouts and cardio. I've been doing this for about 6 months now, and what really helped me get somewhere with my practice was identifying poses I had trouble with and working on them separately at the end of a regular yoga sequence. The reason I stuck with Candace was because she often explains where you're supposed to feel a good stretch, and that helps visualize how a pose is supposed to be taken. I am by no means an advanced student yet, but here are 2 tips that I can give you that made a big difference to my practice: 1. After about 3-4 months of self-home-yoga, I liked how well I was improving in terms of keeping up with more fast-paced videos. While that's great, I completely neglected to work on getting the basics fully right, like downward facing dog or chaturanga. Work on those extensively. It really does make sense. 2. HIP OPENERS. them regularly. You'll see.
  18. I liked what Candace said about having a chip on her shoulder, because I think I may have that too about some things and I find it incredibly hard to get rid of. I do tend to be optimistic and like to break down bad situations into "little positives". But as someone who used to be a complete people pleaser in my 20s, I now stand up for myself and can sometimes get too defensive in response to criticism. Something I really, really struggle with is criticism of my person life choices, especially if I don't perceive actual concern in their words, just judgement. It's definitely harder to go through life waiting for the next possible slight or insult. Of course it hurts when you realize that people who are close to you judge your choices based on their own prejudices. It has made me selective with the information I disclose about myself. However, I am finding that getting older really does help center yourself and usually puts things into perspective in a healthy way! I would not want to go back to being 20 years old again. I enjoy the sense of self-assuredness that comes with getting older.
  19. Hi Candace! I cannot sit comfortably in a squat with both feet planted on the floor. I can't seem to bend my ankles much more than 90° (my hips aren't tight, by the way - I do lots of hip openers). Could you please recommend exercises or poses to increase ankle flexibility? Or is this an anatomical problem? Thank you!
  20. After doing lots of hip openers, it was a bit better (I always thought tight hips were the reason I couldn't squat, not the ankles). But to do Garland pose, I have to place my feet pretty far apart and my back is not always straight this is obviously not ideal either. I looked up some exercises for tight ankles and will work on calf/hamstring flexibility, for lack of better ideas.
  21. I always thought I was very flexible and fit until I started taking yoga classes. During my first supine pigeon pose, I realized I was definitely NOT flexible. I thought my occasional hip pain came from slight hip malalignment that was fixed right after birth. Hip opening has done wonders for my pain and range of hip movement. I also started wondering how anyone would "naturally" open their hips without yoga? Hip openers aren't exactly exercises that come intuitively or are included in the everyday range of motion.
  22. I get bruises on my triceps area as well. My bigger problem, though, is that my knees stick out sideways over my arms during crow. I can't seem to keep them stacked on top of my triceps. Is this a matter of needing more practice? Sorry to hijack this thread for my query, but everyone here is so helpful
  23. KrystaLEE, I *just* asked pretty much the exact same question last week I love to do yoga at home by following youtube yoga classes (only Candace and Ali Kamenova). I'm also starting to become a lot more involved in the yoga mindset and lifestyle, and notice how great I feel in my everyday life since I started doing that. However, it's true that as my practice improves, I'm starting to become restless about wanting more guidance and external input from a teacher. Candace gave me a great answer to my question - here's the post:
  24. I discovered Lululemon in 2012. During a trip to DC, I noticed that a lot of girls were wearing super cool looking yoga pants and crops (I'm from Europe). My local friend told me that it was all Lululemon, and that was it: I own 3 pair of yoga pants and 2 long-sleeve tops. What stood out to me about this brand primarily were the sleek and sophisticated designs and colors of their pants - you can't get anything like that in Europe, in my opinion. None of the 3 pants I own have the "sheerness issue", and I think their quality is very good. I love how tailored they are - they make the butt look awesome! (For the record, I saw a pair of "old luon" pants at a friend's house that were bought years ago, and the quality is vastly different from what I own. So I do believe it when people say the quality has declined). The tops seem always much too small.
  25. Hi Candace! When I first started yoga, I took a class for a year and was very consistent with it. After a long break of 2 years, I'm getting back into it. Right now, I am only doing online yoga classes, and feel comfortable with the poses (and I remember a lot from class). I appreciate the comfort of my own home for yoga practice, especially being able to work on my flexibility for basic poses (also, on a side note: saving money). Do you think doing online yoga videos only is a useful way to improve my practice, or would you recommend taking a real class once in a while? I feel that most teachers in online yoga videos do a great job of explaining where you should feel the pull and how to position body parts. I am not against the idea of going to class again, but like I said, I enjoy my own quiet living room - a lot. Thanks! Paula