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  1. I know this is meant to be the place than men ask the questions but I'd like to ask a question to you men! How did you get into yoga? And what would you advise on how to get my other half to join in on a yoga session??! Feel free to ignore a woman trampling in your territory!
  2. Yay! Someone close to Sheffield!
  3. Just a little note about Uniqlo's heat tech, I had a look at these in the London store and they have a coating that's not the most eco friendly/skin friendly so just be careful if you're sensitive to that kind of stuff
  4. Hey I've only got him to do about 5 minutes 2 minutes but he said he's definitely like to try it again. I didn't get him to join in with the most simple one. He's not into much althetic activity, so I think I'd definitly go down the stress busting route. So glad to hear that you're booked in for another class together! I'll let you know of any further success
  5. Absolutely beautiful post from Angie
  6. I like my classes with a flow instead of stopping and starting. Drives me made to get into unrelated poses. Getting in a flow gets you nice and warm and transition from each pose into the next. I made the mistake of loving the sub teacher we had which killed of my love for the class I was doing. The sub only taught as back up and didn't teach anywhere else
  7. Positivity, even when it's really hard! I've got some tissue damage currently which is hindering me slightly but I'm just trying to remain positive knowing that it will be healed and I can return to 'normality'.
  8. Thanks all! Knees feeling a bit better, it's a soft tissue injury from too much walking in Amsterdam! Glad to hear of your guys progess!
  9. Hey everyone! I've had a busy birthday week visiting London and Amsterdam and am now home with some sort of knee injury... Not good. It's really bummed me out. I'm off to visit the doctors in a couple of days. Any advice?
  10. Thanks to those that recommended Orphan Black. I'm now addicted. Really intriguing Those who haven't watched Friday Night Lights should check it out. Yes it's set around American Football, but I'm not even a huge American football fan and love it!
  11. Happy belated birthday! Thanks again for the birthday wishes
  12. I've just discovered Yogi Choco tea... OMG!
  13. Thankyou guys :-) having a great time visiting family in London
  14. Thankyou!
  15. I stick to teabags... Not sure why. Currently binging on Twinings lemon and ginger tea, when I'm not drinking that, I'm drinking Palanquin's spearmint tea. Yum
  16. That's fantastic! Well done. I'm hoping that I can do it by this time next year!!
  17. Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone else has done the Ultimate Yogi program? I'm 36 days in today, and I'm finding being in an intensive yoga program is really helping my flexibility, and my focus on yoga. I'd previously done yoga before but nothing like this and doing yoga everyday, with the same program week in week out for 5 weeks, allows you to see exactly how you're improving week to week. Also, what are peoples thoughts on doing yoga so intensively? I'm talking an hour a day, everyday, with a core session every other day, and I'm even throwing in other gym classes too! Katie
  18. How are you getting on? I'm in the second phase and not loving it. Feel like the difficulty level has rocketed
  19. You'll be great! I'm still trying to work with straightened legs and I've been doing yoga everyday for the last couple of months. It'll come
  20. I'm working on bow pose. My bow pose sucks but hey, in a while, I can say it's awesome... I hope
  21. Whoop! Let's kick butt guys and gals!
  22. Hooray for the 28th!!
  23. Incredible. I guess you gotta make time where you can!