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  1. I came to yoga as I got older and couldn't play basketball twice a week... "like I used to"! I finally quit basketball when the pain of the morning exceeded the joy of the night before. That, and some developing back problems, led me to try yoga. Now, as an"old guy", I am not limber, by any means, but I do it to keep the body moving. Personally, I think men are burdened by a resistant ego and an image of yoga that it is not masculine enough. Show that man a Rodney Yee video! I challenge him to sustain that practice without working up to to it! For me, it is an individual practice, even in a crowded room. My ego is left at the door and I try to practice with my eyes closed.
  2. I, too, am plagued with hamstring cramps in my practice. I notice mine especially in bridge pose, and even more if one leg is raised. A physical therapist suggested I was not properly engaging my glutes and emphasizing my hamstrings. I do notice that if I consciously engage my core prior to lifting my torso, it does make a difference. What I notice about poses that bend my legs backwards is that I can "reload" and it may be better, i.e., unbend and rebend several times. For me, sometimes that's all it takes to get the muscle to allow the pose to engage.
  3. Helo. I typically wear gym shorts with a pair of long legged compression shorts underneath.This gives me confidence I am not "showing off". lol However, I just found a great pair of yoga specific shorts. Go Here: They are fitted, but not compression, and made out of cotton blend (94% Cotton, 6% Spandex), not unlike sweatshirt material, but more elastic. I paid $36.
  4. Hello. My name is Tom. I am a new visitor from Hamburg, NY, near Buffalo. This cruel winter has given me many reasons to stay indoors and work on my Yoga practice! lol