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  1. Hi Candace! I think its super awesome that you personally reply to most threads on the forum, I feel like that doesn't happen in a lot of forums. It shows that you truly do care about passing your knowledge on to others, making the world a better place! So, is it possible that it is just slightly strained, or was just overstretched and not completely strained? After I was up for a few hours yesterday and getting on with the day the pain was very low. I looked up some stretches to do for a pulled groin muscle and did just those as light practice yesterday and it did seem to help. Also went and bought a new blend of my fave tea, Yogi Tea, that have herbs that are very good for antiinflammatory. I woke up this morning and feel great. I can still feel a little tightness, however. I am going to take it easy today, anyway, though. How long should I take it easy for?
  2. Thanks PaulaH! That really helped out
  3. Anahata, wouldyou recommend any particular books that would be worth investing in? And thank you very much for the information!
  4. It seems to have subsided a little since I've been up and moving around for a few hrs, but still hurts. Ugh Bad hit.
  5. Hey all, can anybody help me out? So I think I pulled a groin muscle. Last night I was doing REALLY deep stretching and was pushing myself pretty far past my normal limits thinking 'Oh, look, I'm getting more flexible!' So I think I went way too far on a forward bend while straddling. I woke up this morning and my left side down by the groin area is absolutely killing me. Its mostly hurting in the front of my left hip.GDoes this sound like a groin strain to anybody? I woke up feeling nauseous from the pain, too. Ugh, looking for good positions to rest in today to help. Also, should I take the day off from yoga?
  6. Hi all I don't have a question this morning, I am just feeling amazed at the post meditative/yoga workout high! I am somewhat new to all of this (around 6 months-ish) and am a recovering addict. Having been dependent on chemicals in the past, I never thought I would never be able to feel a natural high as I was so numb inside when first getting sober a year ago. I can't even compare drugs & alcohol to the way I feel after doing a nice strenuous yoga workout ended with savasana followed by meditation. And who would guess that something that feels this good has absolutely NO negative effects or consequences! I am just feeling so peaceful, the perfect way to start my morning I am super grateful that I was able to open my mind to this lifestyle. Some people need Alcoholics Anonymous or Narc. Anonymous as their daily medicine to stay sober, and I was told for a long time that those options were the only way one can possibly stay sober and I feel that is definitely false, because yoga and meditation are the keys to my living a healthy life. And I am super super grateful for that!! Just wanted to share how I am feeling this morning with like-minded people Have a wonderful Thursday everybody!
  7. Haha! I don't think I'd do well with that! One of the things that I need in order to keep coming back to a certain DVD is to hear a nice monotone, calming voice. There's a yoga for back pain therapy by guiam TV that I was doing for a while and the woman's voice was SO calming! Its an awesome DVD by the way if anybody suffers from back pain. I am a dog groomer, so I'm on my feet 8 hrs a day.. I get a really tensed up back, and a lot of general back pain. Its very basic, as in the poses are extremely beginner, however, it did miracles for my back
  8. Yup, those are also the 3 reasons that its not possible for me as of right now to take a class. Im glad to hear I am not alone and that it IS possible to have an effective yoga practice at home. I don't think teaching is something I'd be interested in, but I definitely would like to take my yoga to a master level, SOME day!! Everything takes time though, and patience is a virtue, right? So I guess I will just keep doing what I am doing Thanks!! I will definitely look into those DVDs, I'd love to try Candace's!
  9. Thank you for your input! I have been doing all of those things, so I feel much more confident that I am on the right track! I thought that maybe I was over-researching, if that is possible, lol. Are there any DVD instructors in particular you would recommend? Thanks again! Krysta
  10. Hi I'm new here and am looking for some advice. I have been doing yoga for around 6 months, but am just recently REALLY getting into it, if you know what I mean. I just dabbled for the first few months, at first using it just to get into shape. The last month I've really been getting into trying to learn it as a way of life, not just a daily exercise. I'm getting very into the spiritual aspect as well. So, the advice I'm searching for.. I am on a very tight budget at the moment, and do not have the means to go to a class at a studio. Hopefully that will change in the future.. So I've been practicing at home to the primary ashtanga series DVD by Kino Macgregor. I really like it and am seeing a lot of improvement in myself in all areas, but I can't help but feel I am missing something as I have nobody to correct me if my form is off. I'm doing the best I can with what I have at the moment, and I am just trying to gather any suggestions from experienced practitioners of things to keep in mind while practicing at home (other than to go to a class, as that's not a possibility for at least a yr or 2). I'm just trying to improve and make the best of my home yoga practice. Any input would be greatly appreciated Thanks! Krysta
  11. Hi everyone! I'm Krysta, from Boston MA. I' absolutely loving this site! I haven't vreally had the time to look around that much yet, but I definitely am going to make use of the forum, as I've only been practicing yoga for about 6 months, and am just getting really into the spiritual aspect as of the last month, so I have a lot of areas that can use good advice! This last week I've just begun the primary ashtanga series and am hoping to master it someday. Just wanted to introduce myself