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  1. Yes, the last answer is correct. Legs should not be that close. Also wearing good supporting briefs under your shorts or yoga pants might be a smat idea. I like the Wonderjock Pro Hipster ( Aussiebum ) or the Urban Way Cotton Stretch tight Boxer ( Dim ) as they have a good lift.
  2. Whenever I cannot focus on my breathing I just start counting. My teacher says it´s ´cheating´ but who cares? It works for me and it could work for you. I go breat in 1-2-3 breath out 1-2-3-4 , Breath in 1-2-3, breath out 1-2-3-4-5. So always IN 1-2-3 and OUT from 4 to 10 and back again. It will help you refocus, try it and good luck!
  3. For Bikram I use a Wonderjock Pro Hipster ( Aussiebum ) with some thin short running shorts over it, no tee. For outside Flow pratice, I like the Nike Pro Combat Ultralight slider; they are actually soccer shorts but give great support, flexibility and great ventilation. Any tight ( 100 % cotton) halter top is fine for me.
  4. Hi, what a great blog. My name is Dan, I focus on flow yoga and I give guided meditations in Valencia, Spain.