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  1. Thank you so much! Don't worry I have a tough month ahead too, so I can wait! Until then I can practice with the ones you already have! ?
  2. Hi Candace! I've told you I love your upper body strength videos and I'm using them a lot since I want to improve in arm balances/pincha/handstand. But what I have realised is that I'm feeling really stiff on my upper back and even with my overall yoga practice I haven't increased my flexibility in this area not even a little... Also in July I had serious pain there, and the MRI showed a hernia in the thoracic spine (T7-T8), so I avoided any forward/back bending for more than 2 months. Now I'm feeling really good and I'm already practising like I did before. So I want to ask if you could make a video with a focus on poses/flows that would help increase upper back flexibility! (or if you already have made one that I haven't found, please give me a link!) Thanks in advance!!
  3. Hi guys! My opinion on this matter is that everything needs to have a limit and posting or not posting photos/videos of your personal practice should only depend on your mood/will... I'm a person that works better when there is a program in my life... and this also goes to my yoga practice. I practiced better through the months that Candace had a Yoga Program that I would follow through the week, than the months she didn't, where I have to visit her channel and scroll through the videos and search what video I feel like doing today... I just like it this way. I've participated in a few challenges in Instagram (I'm on my 3rd currently) and what I like the most is the feeling I get from the yoga community. People supporting and inspiring each other. I've "met" a lot of people with who I have the same struggles, fears, even people that have RA like I do. And although I have very few followers I have already indpired a couple of people who saw my posts to start yoga..and this felt really awesome!! Not to mention that through challenges I've tried poses I never thought I could do.
  4. Yayyyyyy!!!!
  5. I don't really have to tell you a very funny story about my yogafails... they are all pretty mild up to now (except maybe one time I tried to transition from headstand to pincha and I planted on my knee on a marbled floor...which wasn't exactly funny bacause it hurt AF and I was bruised for a couple weeks). But they say that a picture is 1000 words... so I'm going to show you one I self-shot last week. Hahahaha!!!
  6. Hahaha!! So true! This was my reaction too! I was practicing for 3 years, once in a week and I never succeded in touching my heels on the floor... I have really tight hamstrings that made it so difficult and also my shoulders were on fire! I hated downdog... This February I started practicing at home with Candace's videos and I am very proud to say that finally I can do the full pose (maybe not always in the beginning of a practice though..)! But it took a lot of hard work and I've been practicing 4-6 times a week... So just be patient and keep pracitcing!
  7. I practice alone with Candace's videos at home and my most thought thoughts are: "I need to sweep this floor" (when I see a lot of dust or dogs' hair..hahaha) "My feet need some moisturizer cream" or "I need to paint my nails" while in forward bends... "Damn...this hair got away while waxing/shaving" also in forward bends, which is the reason I don't like practising in shorts! They get me distracted...! "What time is it? Is the food ready yet?", when doing yoga while I have the food in the oven. "Will this stupid bird shut up already?" when my ringneck parrot decides to scream while I try to relax and concentrate. As far as specific postures are concerned I mostly go with: "How the hell is she doing this?" and "when is it going to end?" mainly in some DownDog/Plank/Chaturanga combination that Candace likes to go over a few times and it burns my shoulders! I think that's it!
  8. Thanks for your support Candace! I'm already feeling a little better after a couple days of total rest and I'll keep avoiding anything really active until the end of the week to see how it goes! I will focus on meditation and some gentle stretches that don't involve the spine (because if I don't do anything for more than 3 days I start having sciatic pain).. and also I'm going to spend a lot of time to the beautiful beaches of Naxos! hahaha!
  9. Hello everyone! I'm really bummed because I can't follow the programm properly... For the past 10 days I'm having a stupid pinching pain in my middle back that is aggrevated everytime I do the slightest backbend.. I even hurt in Upward Facing Dog.. Well, thank god the project is titled De-Stress, so although I can't do all the poses and flows from Candace's videos I'm trying to listen to my body and the limits it sets and don't stress my self out for not being able to do everything! The pose I chose is Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle pose) which is a grounding pose and really helps to open the hips which is a very tight part of my body and I feel really relaxed after doing hip opening poses! Good luck everyone!! p.s. : I was motivated from the discussion about the Yoga Selfies the previous month and I decided to start sharing my progress on Instagram too! I love the feeling of the yoga community there and I love seeing the posts of all the fellow YBCers too!!
  10. I practice by myself at home so I don't really care about the panty lines that may show up during practice, but because I also wear my yoga pants a lot throughout the day (to walk my dogs, go to the supermarket, etc) I really don't want them to show when I'm outside! And since I have quite a big butt and some nice (not) love handles I usually wear thongs with a wide sideband or brazilian style underpants like PaulaH mentioned! Intimissimi, Sloggi and also H&M has some really nice underwear that are my go-to for yoga pants but also on everyday life too! The simpler and less seamed the better!
  11. Posting a little late... here is my final progress for the May Project! This month I have managed to do a lot of poses that seemed impossible and I'm very happy and satisfied with myself!! I now have a solid headstand in which I can comfortably play with variations, a stable Crow which has a lot of room for improving though, a nice Mermaid variation in Dancer's pose and also some of my favourites, like Sugar Cane pose and Baby Flying Pigeon. And also I'm thrilled to have in my practice all the rest of the poses that you'll see below like Tripod Headstand, Forearm Stand (away from the wall finally!!!), 8-Angle pose, Baby Crow, in which I'm at the beginning of trying and looking forward to making them better and more solid by day! I can't even describe my happiness in my first flipped grip try in Dancer's pose (even with my bath towel belt used as a yoga strap)! However the real credit is on Candace, because without her help nothing of this would be possible! So thank you once more! P.S.: Yoga Selfie overload coming your way....!! hahaha!
  12. I have the same problem too with my hands! I really don't know how to position them... even the prayer hands are not what I would call comfortable, but definately more comfortable than hands flat on the ground. And I'm curious if I'm doing something wrong, or if I'm just not yet ready to work on the forearm stand... I try it everyday, but 9 out of 10 tries do not last even 1 second... and I think part of what causes it is that I haven't yet found my spot for stability because of my hands... It was much easier with the headstand and I saw progress in it day by day... but with the forearm stand... nah... I even think I have better results with my handstand than this... Anyway, I'll keep practising it!! And if Candace or anyone else has to say anything about out hand issue... feel welcome to help!!
  13. I know you wouldn't, I'm just kidding!! Thank you very much! Your comments make us stronger and more eager to continue practicing!! I hope you are having a great time in Greece!!
  14. Thank you so much Robert! I couldn't either a few months ago! So there is always hope if you keep practising!!
  15. Here I am too with my progress from the May project! I have my mother visiting these days so I don't practice as much as usually! I'm a few days behind, but I've already seen a bit of progress!! I chose again more than one poses and they are Crow, Forearm Stand (and maybe try Scorpion) and also Baby Grasshopper, which I would like to turn to Grasshopper but I have no idea how to get to the pose! hahaha!! I also chose a pose that is not on the list Candace proposed, but is one I always liked and always failed to do... the Eight-angle pose, which I finally tried to take off the ground yesterday!! Don't laugh at my "Scorpion pose" Candace... it's my first try ever and I hope that one day I make as much progress as you have done!!