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  1. For this challenge I have chosen Dancer's pose, which I had also chosen for February's challeng (maybe this time I will also start practising the Mermaid variation) and Crow pose... and since on Tuesday, with the 30min power flow video, I realised I can do the tripod headstand (with my legs folded for now) I think I will try to work on this too! However I'm a little hesitating about this pose, because I have a sciatica pain and I was wondering if maybe practising a headstand makes the back worse...
  2. Thank you Candace! Naxos is indeed beautiful! You should definately visit it! I have already seen about the retreat in Sifnos and I wish I could come, but my boss is delivering her baby next month, so no days-off for me in May, since I will run the business all by myself... maybe next time!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm Vicky and I am from Greece and I'm reading this from the beautiful cycladic island of Naxos! Thank you Candace for everything that you do for us!! I love your videos! You are the best yoga instructor I have had!