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    Today's my first YBC challenge participation and first yoga selfie! These are both things I stubbornly refused to do before because I was afraid a challenge would stress me out or motivate me to push beyond my limits when I am nursing a chronic neck injury.  But now I know my body better, so I can truly be mindful in this challenge and do modifications or rest if needed.
    Now, for my yoga selfie... I recorded myself and then took a screenshot, as per Candace's advice. Overall, I realized I don't "look" as good as I feel, but, that's fine - I still feel good! Trying to find a place to prop my phone was challenging - I couldn't find a high enough or far back enough platform to capture the top of my head properly, and had to film it vertically. But I did find that using a cooling rack was a great device to prop my phone!  I now appreciate everyone who manages to take pictures of their practice now.
    My chosen pose is bird of paradise because I first saw this pose demoed 5 years ago when I started, and then did not mindfully do the pose. I forced myself into the bind and pulled a shoulder muscle. Luckily it was a small tweak that went away quickly, but now I know I can't afford to do that anymore with my body now that I'm getting older.
    Here we go! I always thought my right side was stronger because I could straighten my leg more, but, I see now that is at the expense of my upper body tilting.  Meanwhile, my left side is more bent, but, more stable looking in the upper body.  Maybe at the end of the challenge, I can post the before-and-after comparison videos to see how rocky / stable I am getting into the pose!  Now that I finally figured out how to film myself, I want to study the rest of my practice! I realized looking into a mirror is not the same.