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  1. Please go on your facebook page and like my page The Vegan Mama. I am trying to spread the word and get 50 likes by the end of the month.

  2. I love pigeon. I'm on the floor so I have more control over the stretch. Its just every time I do three legged dog my hip just wants to go up with my foot and I get frustrated.
  3. I am having a lot of trouble getting my legs up in that position and my hips never want to stay square. Any tips on how to get better flexibility while keeping my alignment?
  4. Hi I'm Andrea and I am from Virginia. I have been practicing for a little over 2 months now and I love how yoga makes me feel inside and out. My kids like to try to do it with me too ( they are 3 and 4). Yoga has already started changing my life so much for the better. Not just the asanas but everything about it. I am becoming a happier person in so many ways. But anyway, I am very excited to meet new people and further my practice!!
  5. Cowspiracy The Sustainability Secret 2015 Full Movie: via @YouTube