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  1. New week- keeping it healthy, happy and fun!

  2. Love this idea! It has been a pretty positive week overall. I guess my thorn would be the fact that my husband is back on shifts which are quite demanding and he is so tired. This is kind of a rose though because he had most of the week off so that he could reset for the shifts. The big rose this week is that I finally found a job which has been a huge stress since we moved.
  3. I'm glad I could help! The clothes are really comfortable and feel so good on. I honestly wear my yoga pants all the time.
  4. This worked for me. My husband does not want to practise in public yet. We used the Yogify app at home and some of Candace's videos. THe modifications for men also helped a lot. Start small with a 15 minute beginner routine.
  5. I have two instagrams and one twitter. My fitness instagram is angiedarling1 and my personal is littleangie_1. My twitter is angiedarling1
  6. I used to run then took a break and now I am building up my endurance again. I'm currently doing C25K. Yoga has really helped me in terms of breathing and streatching my muscles.
  7. And I really struggle with chaturanga. I can't get low or hold myself.
  8. Yip! I struggle to hold my toe and extend my leg while balancing, and out to the side, impossible. I'm guessing my hips and hamstrings aren't as flexible as needed.
  9. Parks and Recreation!! The Office Friends
  10. Oh wow!! Loved this show.
  11. Those two things are on my wishlist. I'm about to start kitting out a house!
  12. I am always looking for more naturally made make up products. Does anyone have any good recommendations?
  13. A dark show worth checking out is The Knick. I also love Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, Nashville and Parenthood (is it really the final season ?).
  14. I recently read We were Liars and could not put it down. I also loved the Hundred Year Old Man who climbed out of a window.
  15. Hmmm!! Rimmel WonderFull Mascara Physician's Formula Organic Jumbo Mascara Bourjois Kohl Eyeliner Benefit They're Real Eyeliner Nature Republic Lip Crayon (Korean Brand) Bourjois Powder Maybelline Matte BB Cream. Lip Gloss from Marks and Spencer
  16. I try run a few days a week and incorporate bodyweight workouts. I like doing push ups, burpees, squats etc. I use Tone It Up workouts and some of Sarah Fits videos. They are really easy to incorporate into your schedule.
  17. I use the Wellicious Divine mat which is so good! (Thanks Candace ) My husband has a Gaiam mat which has been great as well.
  18. I don't how big this company is but I have used Beyond Yoga recently and love the feel of their leggings and shirts. A bit pricey but it is good quality.
  19. Hello!! I am Angela sitting in London, UK. I'll soon be moving to the Midlands.
  20. Excited to explore this forum!