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  1. I got an awful case of sinusitis for the last two weeks of March project - I only recently started breathing through my nose again and let me tell you people, it's the most glorious feeling ever. Since I was working on a dancer's pose then, I want to continue with it in April :)


    I also want to work on my wheel pose - I have trouble getting up into the wheel when my feet are close to my hips, so I start with my feet a bit further and more open - is that bad? Can i injure myself this way? When I'm up i have no issues walking my feet back where they belong and staying in the pose for 7-10 breaths and I come down to a proper position too. Am I still too weak to do this lifting business?

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  2. I find that mudras are a way to focus on a certain subject or area of my life during meditation, a way to set an intention without being too obvious about it, if you will. Whether (and how exactly) they work I have absolutely no idea, nor do I particularly need to know. I've found that the cupped hand thing Candace describes is the way to go for me during meditation. The trick is on keeping the tips of your thumbs barely touching: press too hard and you're not letting go, lose touch of your thumbs, I've lost my focus and my mind is wandering all over the place


    That's how it works for me as well. Somehow the touch of my own skin keeps my mind from wandering over to my to-do lists and such. I dont know how about different mudras for different outcomes, but in its most basic form it helps me focus.