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  1. We are blessed with acreage, I often dedicate a playful practice outside while the dog is loose. She is a great distraction, but even better for inspiration. The practice is made up mainly of standing poses, since every time I rest or am inverted she has to be in the action. That being said savasana in woods with a cuddly dog is priceless.
  2. I like plain jane chamomile + lavender teas. Love hibiscus in the morning
  3. Thank you for the recommendation!
  4. I have the "Calm' app - free! While it is not deep mediation and I having only used it twice (I used the first 5 minutes to focus and centre when I have been in noisy/distracting places and then continued on my own from), I have kept the app since it gives me alerts. Even if I am out during the day, I like the reminder to breathe.
  5. I have no smoothie recipes, but I always add greens - whatever i have in the fridge such kale, romaine, chard, spinach, dandelion etc. A large portion of the fruit is berries since we pick locally and have an abundant. Favourite ingredients recently are ginger and cranberries!
  6. Hearty breakfast is a must for me! I typically stick with steel cut oats and fruits/berries, though will include a smoothie or omelette. I also love leftovers for breakfast, lots of veggies, protein and sometimes with a salad and egg on top. Whatever I am feeling in the morning!
  7. Ex-military spouse, my husband left last March.
  8. My husband + I have been together for 9 years (technically in 6 weeks) and our diets have never been the same. That being said there was never an elephant in the room or judgement passed. Just a fact that we ate differently. Reflecting on it, a key to our "success" was probably not putting any emphasis or thought on it. Whatever will be, will be. Many dinners there will be a main dish, which we then adapt accordingly to our own preferences. Though at times we eat completely different meals but still have each others company. All the luck!
  9. The Nightmare Before Christmas, which in reality just gets me excited for Christmas traditions and meals.
  10. Top poses right now are king pigeon, warriors and apanasana.
  11. I recently searched Pinterest for winter hacks and found the vinegar trick and sock trick! Though some directions require you to dilute the vinegar I never have. There are also other 'recipes' that call for rubbing alcohol. One cool hack I found was to use a large carpet sample or rug to cover the windshield, blades included. In the morning simply shake it off and place in your trunk incase it snows while you are at work etc. The added bonus if you get stuck the carpet can act as a traction pad.
  12. Halfmoon is another great Canadian brand I some how forgot to mention! I have personally used their rectangle bolsters, eye pillows, straps and blocks - no complaints.
  13. There is no harm in keeping the plant despite being chopped off, unless you need the pot for a thriving plant. I am interested in finding out whether it will still grow? Though it will be a long wait. It was my husband's grandmother from Norway who initially told me about pruning your orchids and tapping cinnamon on the wound to seal + prevent bacteria growth. Next time we speak I will have to see if she has anything to add on. Next orchid do not trim to the base, typically trim just before the curve begins at the top. Otherwise youtube and google can be your best friend! The vegetable water would of been filled of bacteria etc that you initially wanted removed form the veggies. Always discard - especially for indoor plants Sounds like you have had quite the relationship with orchids, and bunnies! I hope it is smooth sailing from here on out!
  14. THANK YOU!!! I started to write your exact post last night, but did not know how to phrase it - abandoned ship! While it is not 'a way of life' for my husband he still values yoga, but too many male friends/relatives/acquaintances seem disconnected even with the notion of trying.
  15. For typical practice I prefer not having any mirrors while in a class, it is easier to find a focal point that is not moving or distracting (aka not comparing yourself to everyone else in the room and therefore really connecting with your own practice. For balancing poses in particular I thrive when I can be oblivious to the surrounding class.) That being said I preferred having mirrors in my Bikram class, to ensure proper alignment. Mirrors at home are nice to for that reason as well.