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    I'm checking in here! Today I started out with 5 min jump rope to warm up (side note: I just really LOVE jump roping. I may or may not have spent a solid 20 minutes the other day watching pro boxers do their jumprope routines.) Anyway, after that I did some yoga to stretch out. I've been enjoying playing around without a mat and have been practicing going from wild thing to wheel to downward dog to wheel to downward dog to wheel. So fun. And tough for the arms! I practiced some inversions, I've really been stepping up my handstand and forearm stand practice, just trying to feel more stability and playing around with different ways to enter the poses and what to do with my legs once I'm up. Fun, and sweaty.
    From there, I headed out into the weight room and did an upper body workout - cleans and front squats, bench press, incline bench press, and then these weird things that probably have a name but you hold your arms at 90 degrees with the palms facing out and just move your hands/forearms out to the side while keeping your upper arms in? Feels great for the arms. I did some back stuff and then was ready to come home and eat so I scooted on outta there. 
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    Hi. First post I'm Chris, 25, posting from Atlanta GA. Excited for my practice to grow. Namaste