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  1. I would rather suggest a cusion in front of you than the wall. This gives you some security if you may fall. Remember to look Forward not downward and slowly lean into the pose rather than to jump into it. Good luck!
  2. I personally gained so much trough my yoga practice and the teacher Training. I found so many ways to cope with Problems rooting back to childhood and with anxiety and a lot more things. I am more relaxed and joyful after the classes, I am more confident and optimistic. I discovered so many positive changes since I deepened my practice. And friends and Family saw that too. And I appreciate they are worried about me. But in the end, it is my life and their doubts give me insecurity. When it Comes to my husband, this is a very Special Problem. He was always supportive no matter what I did, but when we got Kids, I think he saw me as mother and housekeeper and that was it. I have a well paid Job and earn more than him (even working part time) so staying home was from a financial Point of view never an Option (besides I am not the Kind of Person who has a fulfilled life doing the housework and staying home... I love my Kids and I enjoy time with them, but I always wanted to have a Profession and work with People. Might Sound stupid to some of you, but this is who I am) So, he Kind of accepts that I have to work from a financial Point of view. He does not like it though, and I feel that. And that I started something besides this is too much for him. He says he has to accept it, but it always Pops up as a Problem between us. He often tells the Kids "mommy is gone because she has to do yoga, which is sooooo much more important to her than anything else". And I always feel bad than. I really try to Balance everything out. I really try to do all the work when the Kids are sleeping. I have once every month a Weekend where I do Yoga, and if that is too much to ask... well... Thanks for your answers. I was really struggling a lot with this toppic. But I think, as you sadi Candace, this is something very important for me that makes my heart sing. So, I do not want to give it up and I do not feel that I do not have the strenght it takes to Keep it up. The beginning is always tough, but I have confidence it will get better over time. Preparation will become less etc. And it is fun and so, so I enjoy doing it
  3. Thanks Larry.... I am just Kind of worried they might be right about the workload. And it is always hard for me when my husband starts to complain about me spending time for Yoga...
  4. Hi everyone, I think this Forum is really encouraging, and I hope it is okay to bring this Topic up. I made a 200hr teacher Training, and started one yoga class for adults in my Company (where I work 25 hours a week), plus one Kids class. I do a Family Yoga class once a month. I started Setting up the Website and a blog, which is quite some effort (I had not expected it to be this much of work), plus tried to make Events to gain new customers (mainly for the Kids and Family class, because the Company class works quite good already). I designed an Adventkalender (this is something we love a lot here in Austria, it is a calender that starts on December 1st with small treats or candy each day in it) which I will send to my Newsletter subscribers - including a giveaway for one of the subscribers. This was a lot of effort again. Now, I have the Chance to start in March a new Kids class in a Family Center. It would be on the same day as the other kid class, just later, so it would be no Problem. Plus: I will start the 500hr teacher Training in Feb (which will start with 6 Weekends split over 6 months for the first 100hrs this year) My Problem now is... a lot of people tell me, that this is too much for me. I have two Kids, and I love spending time with them. So I do most of the administrative stuff in the evening, when they sleep. I teach two days a week and I am home to make supper for the Kids. My husband (who is not the most supportive one and Kind of dislikes my yoga Ambition) always tries to give me a bad Feeling about teaching yoga after work, because of the Kids. additionally, he means, I put too much work on me with that yoga thing (and leave too much for him to take care of - which is not true at all, because most of the housework is my Task). My friends are worried that I do not take the breaks I would Need. I do not feel it is too much. I am looking Forward to the teacher Training, and to the new class, because I think I managed them to fit into my daily schedule quite well. But still, there is this tiny uncertainty because of what the others say... hm...
  5. I would really like to check in with you in a view months I hope that for the both of us the Business will develop better over time. You are right, most of the time you only read success stories, but hardly anyone talks about the rough beginnings. So, I guess the possibility to talk here about the start is really helpful for us and others.
  6. I guess this happens to all of us Some take this better, some worse. I always liked speaking in front of People, I was in a Theater Group in School and I loved to do presentations in University. But when I started to teach, I realized it was something different. I guess it is important for you to have a ritual that gives you confidence. When I did my first class, I had my mala with me. I did not put it on, I had it in a bag next to my mat. Just knowing it was there calmed me down. I had it with me a few other classes, just to give me confidence. All the best for you!
  7. I am Kind of in the same Situation as you are. I started Kids yoga this September. I was not expecting to be overrun by Kids, but when I ended up having only two Kids (now 4, but tow of them only Show up every second week), I got really discouraged (see my posting in this Forum). The Problem really is Promotion. The People Need to know you are there and what you offer. And this may take some time. I am currently working on some Projects to attract new People (I don't want to bore you about this here though ). But I guess, it could take up to half a year until word spreads. You could of course be lucky too. I wish you all the best for your future!
  8. Thank you all for your positive answers! I now made a Report for a local newspaper (including a paid advertisment, but okay). I hope this helps a Little too. Currently, there is nothing positive to say... I have 4 Kids in the class, and 3 of them are sick now for the second week, so I had to tell the 4th one a second time that there will be no class today... I am really sorry for her and I feel guilty, because she paid for the whole course and now I tell her for the 2nd time there will be no class because she would be the only one... class would be hard for her and me, it is quite a lot less fun... I feel really bad...
  9. Thanks for the answers! Regarding the Flyer: I made it with printed Hands and of course pictures with Kids. I attache them here I actually Need to attract the parents more than the Kids though... well... So far, no real improvement. But one positive Thing: I was aksed by a local Kids Center to give a course for the younger Kids starting with March I am soooooooo happy about that...
  10. Thanks Camdace, yeah, the word of mouth sure is most important here. I was already hanging posters in some stores and schools, maybe I should hang out some more... I sure will keep you posted on the progress we have in Austria a saying: you only give up a letter (in that case "give up" means the same as "post a letter"), I just hope it speeds up a little
  11. It's been a month now, and all kids I currently have were there at the beginning already. They found me because I was searching for kids for a foto shooting, some joined class than. I did not attract anyone new. And I wonder if I could go one for the older group with only one kid...
  12. Hi Erica, thanks for your answer. I did send flyers by post, I brought some to schools and kindergartens together with posters and I used facebook and local groups to spread the information. First lesson is always free, so this did not get too much attention. I unfortunately do not know anyone from youth sports leagues. But this would be a good idea, just need to find something about this... thank you for your kind words. Yoga with kids isjust fantastic, they are natural yogis and enjoy themselves so much!! Thanks, that is my little one and me, she is always with me when I do Yoga
  13. Hi, I recently finished my Yoga teacher and kids yoga teacher training. I am currently giving a class for adults in my company which is quite good booked. And i started a kids yoga class (one for 3-6 year old, one for 7-10 year old). As this is quite new around here, I did not expect to be overrun by parents, but I made quite some marketing and thought it would be quite excepted. I have for the younger ones now 4 kids and for the older ones only one. And I am kind of discouraged now. The kids I do yoga with like the class and the parents are really happy and give me great feedback. But I am really worried because especially for the older group I do not have any kids and the course is fun but with only one kid the games are not as funny as they could be. I really do not know what to do now. I am not sure how and if I get new kids for that course, and I am not sure if I should do the older group with onky one kid... I am sorry, I just thought I share this with you, because I got so many good advises here and I hoped you had some experiences to share with me... Greetings from sunny Austria, Bettina
  14. Thank You so much Candace! I was just thinking about shoulders and neck, hips did not come to my mind... Great Input, thanks for the video!!
  15. Hi there, it seems I get the Chance to teach Yoga in my Company for People from the Office. (will probably start in September) I was thinking about doing 1 hour classes (including warm up, cool down and shavasana) Now I am searching for ideas for teaching People sitting all day Long in front of a Computer. I also have to take into consideration that the class will probably be mixed and that some may have experience with Yoga and some are totally new to Yoga. I would be very greatful to get some Feedback from you, so I can prepare some classes in my mind already Thanks in advance!