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  1. Hi everyone! 

    I'm working on building my strength (aside for yoga), any recommendations for weight lifting? 

    I do a program called RIP - Repetition, Intensity, Performance

    It includes squats, lunges, chest press, back and shoulders and then biceps, triceps and abs.

    It's 3 days a week and fabulous!

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  2. I am currently using just a vented yoga mat bag that I wear over my shoulder and my bag just about fits in it. However, I am considering buying either the manduka go steady or go lite as they are weather resistant and have pockets for extra things. I found that a lot of yoga mat bags are made of cotton and that is useless when living in rainy Ireland!


    Vented is important!!

  3. I bought a bag that swings over my shoulder from etsy with a cute fabric pattern that the creator bought from Hawaii.  So if you want something unique, you can check it out there. Or if you have a thick mat, you can probably request a designer you like to make a custom bag for you, and add super durable stitching so the strap can carry the weight.  


    The only issue is that you can't really test beforehand, and I found out with my sticky mat, it was hard to slide it inside one bag that had no lining (was a textured underside) due to friction, but then it slid in more easily when I got a second bag that was lined with smooth fabric.


    I didn't think of that!! Thanks!

  4. I have a lululemon bag but my black mat doesn't fit in it because it's so thick, so I generally leave my black mat at home since it's so heavy anyway, and carry one of my other ones if I'm going to a class at a studio. That likely doesn't help you, though, haha. Maybe consider the carrying strap or buy a bag directly from manduka so you know it'll fit? 


    I can't believe how heavy the black mat is!! As much as I love its larger size, it may have to be my 'stay at home' mat. It's so new that it's also still slippery and not nearly as cushy as my wai lana mat.

  5. I have got the manduka "go steady bag". It´s very usefull because it has two pockets... one for the mat and one for keys, phone, water etc.

    I like it a lot. Disadvantage is the big price.


    I found it for $50 on the Manduka site and $42.95 on another site.

    The less expensive one actually has 2 zippers on top. I can't tell on the Manduka site. They don't give that view.

    You really like it?

  6. I got the manduka caring strap, but it also has like a little pouch so I can keep my keys and phone in there and the buckles on the straps are adjustable so it is very easy to put the around the mat


    Is it the Go Play Yoga Mat Sling?  if I could figure how to put up a picture, I would.

  7. I just bought a Manduka Pro Black Magic.


    Thoughts on how to carry it ~


    Do you have a bag or do you use straps?


    The Manduka is so much thicker than my previous mat that I'm not sure what will work.



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  8. Like so many of you, I'm still looking for a great mascara! What every I buy I always put a drop or two of Lavender Essential Oil in the tube. It helps condition my lashes and also helps with my allergies. I don't usually wear much make up but I do usually put on a little mascara, eye liner and maybe a little lipstick.

    Does it need to be lavender oil?

    Would another essential oil work as well?

  9. I just wanted to share a good book I read recently - it's called Orphan Train. I felt it sort of came to a quick end with a lot of loose ends, but the meat of the story was, in my opinion, really good! Have you read anything good recently?

    LOVED this book!!

    Some other favorites are Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay, Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Locks.

    They're all fabulous in their own way.

  10. I started yoga because my weight training took away my flexibility.

    I lift 3 days a week and now do yoga 3-4 days a week.

    Today was my first Yin Yoga class.

    I didn't even know this existed and now I want to go every day!

    It was an hour of intense stretching and it hurt and felt good at the same time.

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