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  1. When I started training for my first marathon I met people who had ran several who told me how valuable yoga was to the body surviving years of running abuse. It has and remains incredibly difficult. But it is something I now couldn't imagine living without.
  2. I love yoga. As a runner I am shocked at, even though I am relatively young and in 'good shape', how freaking difficult it is. I have taken this winter to devote myself to going from 'don’t do this video' material to somewhat passable. Somewhat with, I hope, high upside. My only discomfort with yoga is a sporadically awkward one. (I.E. sometimes during shavasana after a very challenging practice....'it' moves. I want to be clear: I am way-sensitive about not making yoga a bad place for the teacher or anyone around me, especially considering the majority of fellow classmates are women. Women should not be subjected to anything that would shift focus from the practice. Whatever this situation is, I can't predict when it will occur. I just grab the blanket and try and make as little fuss as possible. Don't know if that makes me some freak/abnormality in the yoga spectrum. It's just where I am at and a challenge I am trying to best.
  3. How did we all get here? Where does it all lead to?