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  1. I am a beginner with no flexibility and no upper body strength . I recently bought a yoga wheel and would love to see a beginner type video using a wheel.
  2. When following along with your outlined plans for the challenges, there is almost always savasana at the end of each video, when doing more than one video at a time, do we need to do a savasana at the end of each video or just a final savasana at the end of the practice for the day?
  3. Thank you so much! That video really helped me figure out where I was going wrong in pigeon.
  4. What exactly does "no compression in the spine" mean?
  5. So I need some help making sure my form is correct. When in pigeon pose for example, where exactly should my front leg be, i.e straight out, to the side a bit and if so how much? Like should I be resting on the shins or side of leg? Next, in camel pose, I have seen people tilted back and straight. How should my back be? Should i be engaging my core and pelvic muscles, tilting my pelvis forward or backwards? Spinal compression, what exactly does that mean, no compression in the spine?