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  1. Thank you @brenskip55, @AnandaYoga, and @Hildegard!! I greatly appreciate all your advice and encouragement. Truthfully, I am glad to hear that others have experienced this same dilemma regarding levels and it is great to hear that I really just need to move at my own pace and listen to my body. Also, I love the idea of watching a new video before trying it! That is something that I will definitely do in the future. Are there any resources that you might recommend for knowing which poses correspond to which levels? I often feel like I am continually discovering new beginner poses that I didn't know about. I suppose this hampers my feeling ready to move to the next level. Thank you all again! I appreciate it more than you know!
  2. I have been doing yoga regularly for about a year now. I practice mainly at home with a few studio classes sprinkled in. Throughout the course of the last year, I have continually come across new asanas and added them to my repertoire. Typically asanas are associated with a certain level student. My question is how do you know when you move from one level to another? Is there some sort of guideline? Should you have mastered all the asanas associated with a certain level before attempting those in the next level? Or can your practice be more a mélange of poses? Advice is greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi Candace! I recently decided to begin incorporating those poses I typically avoid into my daily practice. One of those poses is Wild Thing/Flip the Dog. As I was rotating back out of Wild Thing the other day my shoulder popped rather painfully. I was wondering if you have any recommendation on the best ways in and out of that pose. Anything that I should be aware of in terms of alignment? Are there other poses that would better prepare me (and my shoulders) for Wild Thing? Thank you!!
  4. Hi, Candace! I'm Erin and I am also reading this from Michigan! I have a similar story to my fellow Michigander (Sarahmarie) and committed to doing yoga daily last December. I discovered Yoga By Candace in late January and I am excited to be along for the trip!