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  1. I've been becoming more aware of my breath lately and I've come to realize that in normal life I tend to hold my breath then I get a quick shallow breath afterwards. I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this in themselves or has tips for breathing consistently. Who knew I'd have to teach myself to do something that's supposed to be natural. Also in my yoga routines I'm finding my exhales are easily drawn out and controlled but my inhales feel like they have only so far to go and then stop quickly. They can be way shorter than my exhales. Is it possible that I'm holding my belly in a way that doesn't allow the inhale to fully form? Open to any suggestions. Thanks! Namastay
  2. Thank you! I'm exhausted all the time and this week I only hit my macros percentages twice but with my workouts I've yet to hit my calories. I'm going to try the smaller meals more frequently. I just left a derby practice a bit bummed because I didn't have the energy to do what I felt like I should be doing. Here's to a new day! <3
  3. Around the same time I started increasing my workout loads I started losing my appetite. I've been tracking my workouts/nutrition and I've been partially waiting until I'm hungry and partly forcing myself to eat something. I understand it's important to have the fuel there to operate especially with adding heavier workouts into the mix, but it's been difficult getting enough food because of the lack of appetite. Otherwise I'm healthy---everything else has been normal. I have seen a lack of energy that I'm also attributing to not eating enough. Has anyone else experienced this? xo Tiffany
  4. Day 5 was challenging but beautifully so. In meditation "self-care" really struck me. It's something I've been practicing in other areas but mentally has been a challenge. So today during the routine I kept focused on self-care and allowing myself room to do what I needed to do when something came up. Feeling positive. <3 <3
  5. It's never too late to join in, Kathleen. You can start from day one or pickup on day 5 where we are. Welcome! <3
  6. Thank you for your encouragement, Candace. I can't seem to hear this advice enough. One day I'm sure it'll break through and take root. <3 <3
  7. I've recently started learning the basic skills for Roller Derby. I've found even with upgrading my wrist guards that I easily injure my wrists when I fall. I finally got one wrist healed up and went and landed weird on the other and did the exact same injury to the other wrist. Tips for exercises/stretches to help strengthen wrists?
  8. Day two of the Yoga Fit challenge and I've found myself down and out. Super disappointed at my HIIT performance and how quickly I called it quits. I've been working out more regularly over the past months but just started getting into cardio...because cardio is torture. :'( But my goals definitely include getting stronger at cardio work. Anyway, having a tough time being kind to myself after today's attempt. </3 I'll reboot and get back at it tomorrow.
  9. @YogaByCandace: Thanks! I double checked all my email mailboxes for it and got nothing. I've sent an email to Lauren. Thank you for your help!!
  10. In anticipation of this weekend's workshop I went to look at my receipt to make sure I had the times down correctly and I found that I never received a receipt from purchasing the ticket. I have it in my bank account records but just wanted to double check that is alright and that I wouldn't have troubles getting in this weekend. Also was unsure of how to contact about the issue so I'm hoping it was okay to start here.
  11. I'm like this with everyone. It's way more apparent in my marriage because like you said when I feel my husband's emotions I internalize them and somehow magnify it. So his frustration becomes a huge deal for me and we spark fires from that. ? I tend to try to notice it quicker with him though because we've discussed it so many times now.
  12. Day two complete! I'd love to help. I've never done the accountability thing so I don't know what works best but I will be doing my best to post here daily after I've done the scheduled practice. ? Cheers!
  13. HI! I thought I'd reintroduce myself. I originally found YBC while living in Michigan, I then moved temporarily to Sydney, Australia, and now I'm reading from Austin, Texas! If there's any Austin locals feel free to msg me.
  14. My first day photos. It's already so helpful to see the photos and pinpoint what parts of the pose needs working on. <3
  15. Hi y'all! I'm looking for some advice from someone who's hopefully similar to me. I feel really deeply. I sense others emotions/intentions before I even notice it. I've always been quite sensitive to vibes (for lack of a better explanation.) It wasn't until I met a former coworker who was the same for me to realize it and since I've been trying to pay extra care to what I'm allowing to affect me. I'm seeking tips to avoid letting others' emotions control me. I seem to always take what another person is feeling and intensify it. Which is great when I'm around happiness but draining when it's frustration, anger, or depression.. I'm really hoping there's others that understand this and have been successful at controlling it. Cheers ?