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  1. I need help!!! Last month I did great with the yoga challenge, I was on top of my game every day!! This month I have barely practiced. It's not the challenge itself more than me being lazy and having so much other stuff to do. I feel like I just don't have time with work, cleaning house, running errands, and sleep. I want to get up early to do things but I don't feel rested and I know that I just won't have time if I don't wake up early and get it done. But then I feel like doodoo everyday when I don't do my yoga, like I have no energy. When I feel like this it makes me not want to do anything even more, it's a vicious cycle that I don't know how to break out of. On top of that none of my friends are really into yoga or working out and neither is my husband. I have tried but neither will budge. Help me get out of this slump I'm in!
  2. I think we are in the same place with our pose. Good luck!!
  3. This month I am digging a little deeper and working on standing splits. I just finished today's schedule. Here is where I am starting with my standing splits. If anyone has any tips I'm all ears
  4. I just wanted to share my end of the month result. I know it will get better in my daily practice. But I am shocked and very pleased with these results!! I didn't think it was possible and there were times that I had doubts that it was doing anything at all. But seeing this just proves how much hard work I put in. Thanks a lot you guys!!!!
  5. So in my newbie status I have hardly any yoga clothes and for that matter hardly any moo-la!! Where can I find good yoga clothes, specifically bottoms on the cheap, cheap? And I mean ridiculously cheap...I'm broke
  6. Thank you Anahata! That is wonderful and detailed advice, I will def. give it a try! I look forward to seeing more improvement!
  7. Just wanted to share my progress as week 3 is coming to an end! I am so glad that you suggested photos because I don't think I would have noticed a change otherwise but I can definitely see one! I'm so excited and happy that things are coming along so well!!
  8. I tried my running shorts and the fabric made it really uncomfortable to do most of the poses. But I love your suggestions. I just need to sort through my clothes and find the ones that I can use. Thanks
  9. I never thought of that. Thank you, I think once we get him a mat things will work out better too. But that is great advice if he ever starts to flake lol.
  10. Thank you so much you guys. That really helps!!
  11. I tried to get my husband to do yoga at home with me. He got through one meditation and did not return. I only have one mat right now and like my blanket hoginess (not a word, I know) I am a mat hog. So he agreed that when I get him a mat he will do it with me. I just think it would be nice to have something new to do together. Also I feel more committed when I have someone doing it with me and that hope of AcroYoga is always there I just hope he lives up to this promise. He has no motivation other than me wanting him to do it and he doesn't play any sports. Any suggestions?
  12. Just finished up Week 2!! I feel great! Yin yoga is very relaxing but I tend to get distracted quite a bit. I keep telling myself it will go away with time but is there anything I can do to help with not letting those thoughts come to me? You said to pick an aspect outside of yoga to practice for this project as well. I have chosen to just be happy with life and whatever comes my way. I want to look at things differently and not get so upset/emotional about things I cannot control. So far I have been improving in this area. I know that there will be times where I do get upset over something and I have to learn not to beat myself up over it. The meditations, reflections, and self-awareness have really helped out more than I thought. Can't wait for next week!!
  13. I am new to yoga but I am loving everything you post. Such inspiration and support. I am reading this from Fort Walton Beach, FL.
  14. Ok, so I am very new to yoga but I love your site. I need schedule in my life because I function better with it and it helps me keep moving forward (otherwise I just don't do it). I am following along with the March Yoga Project and have chosen something very basic as my pose. So basic in fact that I feel like I am cheating myself the balance part of this whole project, forward fold. Should I be doing something different or is this were I need to be at if I am just starting? I can already see an improvement, though slight, in the pose and how it is helping me get through other poses as well. What are your thoughts?