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  1. Anyone out there with large breasts and the pain to go along with it? Yoga and swimming are the only two activities/times where I don't feel pain. Things you have done to help ease this? I do go to a chiropractor and looove massage, but I'm looking for tips along with that that have worked for you.
  2. I've been planting (from seed) some herbs for the winter. I'll have to keep them inside (it gets so cold here) but maybe look into something along those lines?
  3. There's a way to make your own with coconut oil, salt and water. It works really well! Pinterest it, or google it. I'm sure you could add oils to make it smell how you want, but I've always just liked the coconut oil smell so I never have.
  4. Vermont! Love love love your blog/what you're doing. This forum is suuuuch a good idea. Yay!