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  1. So... I am just sending out good retreat vibes, Candace. I have had a HELL of a 2016 so far, and a Christmas present from my husband toward a yoga retreat is burning a hole in my pocket. Let's just say that I am ready to jump on a plane soon to practice, relax, and enjoy some peaceful healing in a lovely space. No pressure on the schedule, though.
  2. I just was offered a position as an independent contractor to teach a few yoga classes each week at a small studio. It's a nice place that provides yoga, massage, pilates, and it's also a full service salon. Good vibes and lovely. I carry insurance to teach yoga through HPSO. It's a regular policy for yoga teachers. The new studio owner wants me to add the studio as an "added insured." The studio carries its own insurance, but the owner said that at the start of this year, her lawyer recommended the "added Insured" for all of her independent contractors. So.....this addition will cost me $165 every year. Um. I don't know about you, but that's a lot of yoga teaching for a part time person like me in a small studio. I really like this studio, and I get the feeling that the owner doesn't really understand why her people need the extra insurance. Has anyone had an experience like this? In addition, the insurance rep thinks that maybe I'm carrying the wrong insurance since I am a "yoga company" of one. My company's name does not include my given name, so it's a Doing Business As sort of situation. I know others who work around registering their own company by only taking payment made out to them personally. I'm more concerned that my insurance is adequate. Of course, I'm planning to sit down with my lawyer (another expense), but I'm wondering if anyone out there has been through these situations and care share their experience with me. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, Candace. Actually, the studio owner back off that when I just flat out said that my insurance should be enough and that I wouldn't be able to work at her studio if i had to buy more. I truly think she is following the advice of someone who doesn't understand the ins and outs in addition to herself not understanding the ins and outs. Anyway, time will tell if this is a good place for me or not.
  4. This is something I struggle with too. I find that my teaching is better when I maintain a regular practice that involves taking classes. I'm not saying that I achieve this goal regularly, but strive to do it. I have been going back to the studio where I did my wonderful teacher training lately, and I've found that I teach better and that I feel better when I get there at least once a week. It's a goal to work toward for me.
  5. I think that would be the oddest and most off-putting experience. I'm sorry you had that happen to you! I think you just quietly acknowledge that some days are for taking things gently with ourselves and some days are for exploring further growth. And then continue. Maybe provide a child's post option while the others move through the sun salutations. As a teacher, I think there is always opportunity to look at our teaching to see if there is something we should be doing differently. Student feedback is important. However, if you've done this and feel that you were providing good instruction, then you have to just move on and try to shake off the negative experience. Best wishes to you.
  6. I'll give it a try. Thanks!
  7. OK. Day 1. My hips have always been soooooo tight. As a runner, it's the bane of my existence. I know I need to work on hip flexibility to deepen my yoga practice. However....... I just don't ever make myself do it. This challenge is perfect for me, because I need the kick in the butt to just do it. I realized tonight while doing the 30 minute hip opening video that I've been avoiding this for another, more mental reason too. As I was working through the fire log pose, I suddenly found myself on the edge of panic. I kept with it in the pose and breathed deeply into my tight hip with the knee of the leg on top nowhere near the ankle below it. I wanted to bail so badly. Panic for what? I have no idea, but it was indeed panic. I am interested to see if the program helps me to work through this and dissipate it.....and if anxiety is stored in my hips. We are so complex....and yoga gives us nowhere to hide from ourselves. Thank you, Candace, for helping me to look in the mirror.
  8. Hi everyone. I'm hoping that some of you entrepreneurs can help a sister out with some of your best practices. I'm starting a new career after a long break and part time work. My new business is in the fledgling stages. I have some timelines and deadlines to work within, and I have some good sense of where I'm going (usually....until the "What the hell do I think I'm doing?!" thoughts flicker in and out of my days. ) I'm working part time as a substitute teacher and running the household (dinners, grocery shopping, laundry, primary kid care, dog mom, keeping fit practices, in charge of holidays and birthdays, etc.......) Don't get me wrong. I am not bemoaning the fact that I have a lot to do at home. I love it all. My problem is that making time for my business venture is something I don't know how to do. If there is cleaning to do or bills to write or something else, I feel like it should be done first. You know? I need to work on putting myself on the clock for my business, and I need help with how to get into that mindset. So, here's my question: Will you please share with me things that you do or have done in order to get onto the right track and to keep yourself there? -Time management -Prioritizing tasks -Growing a new mindset (from mom in charge to small business woman) -Confidence boosters -Anything else. Thanks, guys.
  9. Thanks, Larry. I'll try these suggestions
  10. Still no "Like" option in the forum for me. I have not changed my computer or browser. I'm not sure what it means to "Try a different user account in OS X." If you can help, Larry, I'd appreciate it. Thank you! And I just found that I cannot comment on the blogs either. I use a Macbook and do the updates religiously.
  11. Hand to Big Toe Pose -Utthita Hasta Padngusthasana - and fun to say too!! Using a strap to begin, this one I love for teaching students that rooting down through the planted foot and reaching out through the heel of the raised foot helps so much with balance. It's also lighthearted in class as nearly everyone falls a little bit. Good thread!
  12. I re-read this thread today. It is interesting, now that I am into Month 3 of my little Sankulpa Yoga business how relevant all the comments are. Right now, my biggest hurdle is MARKETING. I'm sure that is familiar to everyone. The low (or no) budget, get the word out, don't get distracted by all the other work to do and forget to market...... I spend so much time sequencing (what I hope to be) good classes for the nature center that sometimes, I'll get no one show up and THEN remember that I didn't market the class. I know that working at an existing studio will get me more students, but I can't promote my own business if I'm working for someone else, so....Catch 22. I get caught up in writing curriculum and class planning, and it is just easy to forget that it's all for naught unless people know I am out there with something to offer them. So, I think my new thing is going to by Hump Day Marketing. I plan to devote every Wednesday to marketing (exclusively)......checking in on things I have going, looking into new places to promote my business, making and nurturing contacts, etc. SO, this thread just keeps on giving, folks. (I also have to let stuff go, I guess. Makes me sad to neglect my little blog space on YBC, but maintaining my own blog is really all that I can manage now.) I am going to refocus my efforts to check in with the YBC community on a regular basis like I used to do up until mid-summer. Such a positive force here. Love that.
  13. How do you differentiate levels within an All Levels class? I'd love to hear your tips and idea. Thank you!
  14. Thank you, Anahata. Good advice. I like stopping in sphinx. It's a good pose to be able to watch a demo. Thank you, Candace. Great advice. That really helps. The All Levels are going well, and I'm getting good feedback. I'm stealing the flow you detailed in this reply, btw. See you in Chicago!
  15. Thank you, Candace! This means a lot to me. Watching you grow your business gives me such positive vibes. WIsh me luck!
  16. Oftentimes, All Levels classes are offered at studios. As a new yoga teacher running my own program, I'm asking other yoga teachers out there if they can tell me how they plan an All Levels class.
  17. Sandra, Thank you for the feedback and the tips. I will definitely look into Yoga Finder! I hope your biz is going well! Larry, I think $8-$10 per class is a great price ANYWHERE! Good for you. I'd totally do the same. Personally, I'm tempted to hook up to a club and might look into it if I can't make my own stuff fly. I want to be able to promote my business, and I know I wouldn't be able to do that at someone else's studio. So, I guess that's what I get! Thanks for the reference video! Thanks for weighing in, Candace. I am tweaking my Yoga in the Park schedule for fall and upping my promotions for my Yoga in Schools Workshop and Yoga for Athletes. If it's still slow by the new year, I will explore other options. Actually, pretty fun news.... a proposal I wrote to teach a Yoga in Schools 1 credit college course got picked up by a great local college. Teachers can take it to renew their licenses. It's a start!
  18. This thread has been really helpful to read. I've been working on building my own business this summer through space at a local nature center. I believe that it could be a great space, but I'm having a really rough time getting people in to practice. I'm on online calendars, the visitor's bureau, etc. But I only have one or two "regulars" per class level and lots of classes with no shows. I'm embarrassed to admit that today I had three classes scheduled, and not one single person showed. The majority of my students (few as they are) are repeats (and not all of them are personal friends), so I think I'm doing something right. Anyhow, I'm contemplating my next move. My real passion is a Yoga in Schools workshop that I am just beginning to market to area schools to teach teachers how to use yoga in the classroom. However, I don't want to to ditch teaching classes. Just venting.
  19. Hi Larry, I have been unable to "Like" blog posts or to post comments recently. It's very weird. I'm an Apple user, and I can't think of any recent updates that I've done. Puzzler.
  20. Welcome, Rebecca!
  21. Thank you!! I'm legit!
  22. Wahoooo!!!! Thank you!
  23. RYT-200 as of yesterday!
  24. I've been back from Costa Rica for almost 36 hours. I'm here to report that I can still feel the sense of calm that I was able to achieve while I was there. The jungle was beautiful, the ocean was wonderful.....the country was the perfect place for me to visit at this point. Candace's retreat offered great yoga (one morning, we even began before first light and ended with the dewy morning sun risen...loved that). I was fortunate enough to have met a wonderful group of women (including the YBC forum's own wonderful Brenskip55 and Clever Yoga's awesomely kind Ellie). The group of retreat participants was diverse, but we all got along and bonded. There was adventure, downtime, great food, lots of wildlife.....I loved it, and I was ready to come home when it was over (Which is, I believe, the mark of a great vacation.). The departure of some of us, Candace and me included, was delayed for a day because of the eruption of a large volcano near San Jose, CR the day before our scheduled departure. Luckily, there was a room at a lovely hotel near the airport, a Hard Rock Cafe across the parking lot, and a tiny fitness center for some treadmill running. I spent that "bonus" night working on my yoga teacher training final exam components. All good. And now I'm home! My family was so glad to see me (and I them). Life is back to normal, sort of. I feel like the better version of myself that I'd hoped. I put some things to rest while I was gone and nudged some other things to life. Taking a break from real life is good. I am grateful to have had the opportunity. Thank you, Candace, for providing the back drop! The YBC Costa Rica 2016 girls, and our often-companion-during-yoga-practice dog. (He once gently head butted me during a practice while I was in Downward Facing Dog) Playa Hermosa, taking in the sunset and just feeling the pura vida.