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  1. Thanks, Scottcraft! Hope you are well!
  2. Same, here, Brenna! Hope we get to hang again. Maybe in California.....
  3. Here we are, already one-third of the way through 2016. It's been an interesting year for me so far. Parts of it have brought emotional and physical pain. Other parts have brought healing and hope. It's been a full ride so far. As I sit at my kitchen table with tea, knitting, and watching the birds at the feeder outside, I'm reflecting on what I've learned this year. 1. What's worked to heal in the past doesn't always work. My darn knees have been giving me problems ever since I was a teenager. It seems that I am pigeon-toed just enough to throw things off. What worked in the past? Cortisone shots. Physical therapy. Anti-inflammatory medicines. Well, guess what? I don't have time for physical therapy. Or, let's just say that I'm not willing to spend all that time on PT anymore. Last cortisone shot in February? Didn't work a lick. This was the first time ever that's happened. And the medicine? Kills my gut. SO! I decided to try something new. I did get a shot, but it's not cortisone. It's gel. It builds up the cushion around my knee cap and lubricates. I'm chugging the apple cider vinager and swallowing raw honey to help with joint health and limiting inflammation. The tartness is always a little shock to my system each morning, but there are sooooo many health benefits to this little habit, that I'll keep it going. Finally, acupuncture. In addition to healing my knee, I feel like it's helped me in so many other ways. 2. Let people help. I always did things all by myself. No asking for help. Muscling through, putting my head down, toughing it out......these were my mottos. When my mom ended up in the hospital on January 1 and died almost three weeks later, I decided to let people help. People WANT to help. I feel gratitude for having people in my life who want to help me and my family. My husband and I get along better with me trusting him to help.....by me letting go of feeling like I have to do everything in order to have it done right. My YBC Forum friends helped too. Feeling nurtured is such a healing experience. And it's not weak to let people help. 3. Taking care of myself is not a luxury. So, ok. I could take this too far if I wanted and abuse the lines of "taking care of myself" to making it "doing whatever I want and using self-care as an excuse." But I won't do that! I will try to not do that! Easing up on myself is something that has been difficult to do, and I'm still struggling with it, but I'm working on it and seeing the benefits. I feel calmer lately, and I feel more present in each moment. It's been an epiphany, really. And this lesson has led me to take a portion of my small inheritance from my mom and spend it on me. Enter, Costa Rica for Candace's retreat. 4. Life is damn precious. This one, I already knew. It's just always worth reminding myself. This is the reason why I'm plowing forward with my plans for a new career, come what may. I've been tiptoeing nervously around the idea of making yoga a part of my life that extends to career. That's why I'm doing the teacher training. I'm going to give workshops at schools to teach teachers to use yoga in the classroom to help kids learn better and to feel better about themselves. That's my main goal. My website is up and running and waiting for my credentials and insurance to allow me to market myself more and approaching schools. Good things are happening. I have gotten some interest from two organizations to have me teach yoga classes and give workshops too. I'm scared and excited and ready to jump in with both feel. After all, yoga saved my life......... 5. Yoga Rocks. Numbers 1-4 above had so much to do with yoga that I felt it deserved the finale. Yoga has healed my body and my soul. It's taught me that I'm stronger than I thought I was (and that I don't have to train for a fourth Tough Mudder to prove it ). It has helped me with relationships...strengthening some and letting go of others. Yoga has steadied my mind so that I could think. It helped me make decisions for my mom and to allow me to let others in to help. I'm grateful for the presence of yoga in my life. It has brought and continues to bring me joy in practice and in the wonderful people I meet through its communities.
  4. Hope 2016 is better for you too! Looking forward to Costa Rica for some fun and quiet reflection and healing.
  5. Loving The Secret Power of Yoga by Nischala Joy Devi. It takes a detailed look at the Yoga Sutras, allowing women more ownership of them and relating them to modern life. She breaks them down one by one. It's a huge part of my YTT. Very beneficial.
  6. Even MORE excited now to finish my RYT-200 in June!
  7. Aside from definitely consulting a doctor, here's some advice you might already be following....try not to lock your knees. There is more give in movement and maybe less need for a fast adjustment if you have a little micro bend going on. Locked knees can lead to injury. By the way, welcome to the best yoga forum in the world!!!! And I love the "doppler knee." I always called mine the weather vane.....but I'm borrowing the name for yours from now on. I guess my term was showing my age.
  8. LarryD517, same thing with me. I hope we both eliminate this nagging glitch soon!
  9. The needles took a little getting used to. And my acupuncturist warns me if a specific area might feel particularly tender. Nothing terrible so far! And I'm beginning to get super relaxed during the session with carry over too. Love that. As far as the Chinese herbals, not really. It hasn't been pushed, and I am trying to keep this experience in check without making it all consuming and difficult to maintain. I am doing an herbal liver cleanse of milkweed and dandelion. Two reasons: to combat inflammation and to clean out toxins after the liver's sluggish season on winter. I also just began downing a tablespoon-sized shot of organic and unfiltered apple cider and a teaspoon of raw honey each morning. It makes me cringe, but it's good for inflammation and joint health (and a lot of other bonus stuff that's great too).
  10. As of today, I have completed 7 acupuncture sessions that I initially began almost three weeks ago in order to find relief from knee pain. It is important to note, that I received a synvisc shot just over three weeks ago too. Prior to acupuncture, I was unable to bend my knee without lots of pain. At that time, keeping it immobile hurt just as much as moving it. I can report today that I have had no pain in my knee for nine days. None. Zip. Nada. The swelling in my knee, calf, and ankle have been gone for over two weeks. I know that the synvisc is helping, but the pain began to ease and fade well before the doctor told me that the shot would begin to work. I'm entering the "maintenance" phase of acupuncture now, so my appointments are going to be 10 days apart and then moving to two weeks apart. I'm probably going to keep them going at a month apart from then on going forward. Not only has acupuncture helped my knee, but it has relieved the sinus issues caused by allergies, and some other miscellaneous issues that can pop up as they do for all of us. I must say that I am a believer! I can sleep without waking up from pain, walking is so much less painful (and exhausting), and I intend to go for my first, tentative run in over two months this week. Yaaaayyyy!!!! Ahhhhhhhh. Relief. I feel so much more energy now. I'm diving headfirst into a new project and have a new spring in my step for all the excitement. Hope you are all well. Have a wonderful week!
  11. Carpe Diem!!
  12. I completed my fourth acupuncture session yesterday. Going into it, my knee was feeling much better, but there was still pain. Also, I tended to easily feel like I was hyper-extending it doing noting amazing....just walking. On a sidewalk. Slowly. By today, however, I have no pain at all. Stiffness? A bit. Also, I am still swollen behind the knee to the point that I cannot sit back on my heels. I'm also feeling more grounded. Is that acupuncture? Mental rest from not having pain? Better weather? I'm not sure. What I am sure of is that my doctor has assured me that this is too early for the synvisc shot to be working. I'm doing more yoga too, because I have more range of motion and less pain. Yoga leads to more range of motion and less pain. See the cycle I'm finally able to jump into like a game of double-Dutch jump rope?? I'm moving along cautiously optimistic.
  13. Do you remember that song from childhood? I'm probably dating myself, but "Merrily We Roll Along" was one of those nursery rhyme, sing-songy little ditties that my mother and I sang during a long walk to pass the time or during a long car ride. Sometimes, that song is stuck on a loop in my head. I'm not sure why. It happens at the oddest time: When I'm limping along down a long hallway at school. Seriously?! My knee journey has been such a NOT merry sort of ride. Understand that I realize I'm healthy. I can walk. My pain isn't from illness. I'm grateful for all those things and more. However, I can't run (STRESS RELIEVER!). The pain wakes me throughout the night (I"M TIRED!). Limping around all day is exhausting, makes me feel clumsy, inspires crabbiness, and makes me feel a little hopeless that it'll get better. This all started two weeks after my mother died in January too. Insult to injury, anyone? I just want to heal. Everywhere. This time (because this is a recurring little thing for me.....just about annually with a few months each year wasted to pain and anti-activity), so this time, I decided that enough was f$%&*!g enough. Here's my usual: Pain begins after a tweek while running or after wearing sky-high heels (all of which I've now thrown away, btw); I fight it out, stretch, and ice; I bite the bullet and call the doctor; and two weeks of increasing pain later I see the doctor; I pay for imaging tests and get a cortisone shot sometimes; every few years I go to PT; pain subsides and rebuilding of muscle and running stamina begin. Again. 9 months later, repeat. Sometimes the limping causes psoas problems or low back pain. It's a huge inter-connected network of one injury leading to another. Aarrgghh!!!! Well. This time after the cortisone shot didn't work for the first time ever, I said, "No more!" I went to my awesome massage therapist. She spent one entire hour on my right leg, making appalled and sympathetic sounds over how tight my quads and hamstrings and calve muscles were. After that, I was pain-free for three wonderful days. Then the pain and stiffness all came back. I went back to the doctor and told him his cortisone shot was a massive fail for me this time. He suggested I try synvisc shots. What they do is help the area surrounding the knee to create more lubricant cells around the knee. I read that the active ingredient comes from rooster combs! Anyway, I went with it. Sadly, the synvisc takes up to a month to work once the shot is done. I am six days in and will keep you posted...... I'm sure you are all waiting with baited breath......:) Another new things for me that I decided to try is acupuncture. I went for my first appointment today. First of all, I am just fascinated with this form of medicine. The acupuncturist took her time to explain the ideas behind the practice. She asked me a million questions about my health. She was fascinated and excited to see that I have a rather large old scar above and just off center from my bad knee. She explained that not only did the damage of the fascia quite possibly have something to do with my current, chronic knee issues, but that the area of the scar is also perfectly in line with a major meridian of energy that is now quite possibly blocked. Isn't that interesting? I was a little nervous about the needles, but it was fine. After they were inserted around both knees and feet, she also placed one on my forehead, at the top of my head, and at sinus points (to help with my allergies and sinus problems while I was there). She hooked up two knee needles to a little machine that used electrical stimulation to aid healing in that area. Then she left the room. I wouldn't say that I was skeptical, but I was just giving this a shot without devoting too much at the time. However, while I lay there, I became so relaxed that I felt medicated. In a good way. After 30 minutes, she removed the needles, and I went about my day. I feel a little more sore than usual today, as the acupuncturist said I would, but a relaxed feeling is still with me (even now as my son continues to slam an indoor basketball through the hoop on his bedroom door, creating a jarring noise each time......). I go back in two days and then three times next week. After about four visits, my knee should start to really feel better, and after twelve, I'm hoping to go into maintenance in order to be and remain pain-free. I'm excited to track this and see how it goes. Sadly, my insurance doesn't cover this, so it's an investment. I'm willing to try it though. Feeling cautiously optimistic about my chances to heal and hoping to be running and practicing yoga more comfortably soon!
  14. Yogafire, I hope the cortisone shot works. It seems that the top of a foot would be a very painful spot for that!
  15. Hi Candace! It seems that the supplements recommended for me are minimal (and some of the things I should be taking anyway). The acupuncturist (I wish there was a shorter word to type for that!!) asked me to not begin supplements until we complete three sessions, so that we can see if the acupuncture alone is doing its job. Just finished sesh two today! No pain in knee. However, it's important for me to note that the weather is drier and sunnier today, and I've been doing extra yoga too.
  16. I totally know what you mean about the timing. It's an investment in more ways than one. I will post progress on my blog. Also, we can discuss it on the beach.
  17. @brenskip55, my flight is due to land just before 3:30. ? I can't wait to figure out what to bring and all the fun details. I love the process of planning something fun and having something to look forward to doing.
  18. Alright, @YogaByCandace and @brenskip55. My flight is booked. Happy to share arrival info so as to meet for a juice / glass of wine as itineraries allow!
  19. Thank you, Brenskip55. I had not noticed the update.
  20. Candace, I'm getting antsy to book a flight for Costa Rica. ? Can you tell what time the shuttle heads to the retreat center or any other info to help make travel plans? This is my first time planning like this.
  21. Love the quiz. So not posting my results! Very funny.
  22. Love the quiz. So not posting my results! Very funny.
  23. Life these days is.......odd. I feel light and happy and sad and foundation-less and grounded. I'm doing something that goes against the grain of my Type A life. I'm rolling with it. No, really. I am. Last weekend, my family and I (including our third child, canine Riley) ran away for a few days to the Wisconsin Northwoods. We've been there before to rent summer cabins, and my family used to own a tiny cabin on a tributary of the Wisconsin River....however, I haven't been there during the winter for many years. This trip was just the thing to help the healing process. Snowy and silent and beautiful. Due to the "off season" stay, we got to treat ourselves to a house that we wouldn't rent during the summer season. There was a loft with a view of the lake for yoga practice, deer hoof prints in the snow, family time without interruption, good old "supper club" steak dinner, and time to rest. Heavenly. My yoga practice is slowly returning to me. Thank goodness for YTT. It's encouraging me to stay with it. I'm starting to find joy in returning to my mat. However, further complicating 2016, a chronic knee injury has resurfaced. No running, limping walk, feeling like and old lady, and just damn pain. Well. Today, after YTT, I was pain-free for the first time in over four weeks. Guess what? I'm canceling the ortho appointment for next week. My plan is to ice twice daily, see Emily my wonderful massage therapist, make my first ever acupuncture appointment, and use what I've learned in YTT to see if I can fix this my own self. My knee has had issues off and on for 15 years. Going back and forth to the knee doc without a permanent fix has grown old. I'm going to try to see if yoga is what I need for a fix long term. I hope so. And I've really excited about working on this. The point is that I wouldn't have had the patience to just BE with my knee and to see how it goes before. As I said, I'm rolling with it. And I'm good with that. Planning some good plans for me and for my/my family's future this spring, and I am just psyched to be doing something exciting and new and fun. My life feels new. I am so grateful that I can attend Candace's retreat in May. And I'm grateful for the opportunity to take this YTT course and to travel a new career path with all its possibilities. I have faith that I'm on the right track. And that's saying something. Life is good. from Living Your Yoga, by Judith Hanson Lasater
  24. Thanks, scottcraft! I hope you are doing well.
  25. Glad you are being true to yourself and your emotions. Moving toward health is my wish for you soon. Positive thoughts are with you!