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  1. Thanks, Candace. Your advice for the flight was great too. Rather bumpy ride, so I was grateful. I don't think I'll ever enjoy flying, but I love to travel, so..... :) Hope you are feeling better. <3
  2. Anahata, thanks for the message. :)
  3. Thank you, Candace!
  4. Thank you, Scottcraft!
  5. Thank you, Brenskip55. I appreciate you reading and commenting. It makes the venture more real!
  6. Yes to #yogaeverydamnday, but some days are made for running. Fall colors coinciding with 70+ degrees Fahrenheit.....well, that doesn't happen very often in Wisconsin. Today's run was excellent, and then I melted into some sun salutations for a post-run stretch sesh. Feeling good as I continue to work on some hamstring tightness and knee discomfort. Running today did remind me that I prefer to have my feet on the ground rather than on an airplane. As my Paris trip gets closer, I'd love to hear what anyone with a little flight anxiety does. I've flown dozens of times. It's fine. I get through it. However, turbulence (even mild) unsettles me (see what I just did there?). I want to ENJOY my flight as part of my vacation. Tips and/or wisdom anyone?
  7. Thank you, Candace. Such great advice. I had planned a scarf, but the scent for it is brilliant. Also, I totally bought the grounding essential oil roll on after you blogged about it. I'd been looking for a mild and earthy scent. I love it and wear it daily. The sleepy potions and movies: great, great, great! Thanks for taking the time. Merci!
  8. Scott, real running.......not necessarily. The elliptical keeps you going at a pace better than running sometimes. All I'm saying is that the "real" comes from our drive, not the vehicle. I used the elliptical for months instead of running last year when I broke a bone in my foot and had some IT band issues at the same time (and a torn calf.....it was a long winter). Anyway, I was afraid that the no running would be the end of me, that I'd gain weight, that I wouldn't get the endorphins going, etc. Well, to be honest, it wasn't the same as running, because I love the outdoors-action that running provides, but other than that? The same. AND, my joints felt better without all the pounding. I think you are a true motivation for so many people. Keep it up, dude. One more thing.....getting your butt to the gym? That takes more effort than stepping outside my door for a quicky run. Don't sell yourself short.
  9. The flyers look great. Stick with it. A month isn't very long for word to get around. I think that if you keep working on getting out the word about what you have to offer, it'll pay off.
  10. I liked the Mindful Practice for 30 days. It is the first "challenge" for yoga that I've rode to the end. I'm thinking of going back and doing the 30 Day Yoga for Tight Hips challenge that Candace put out there earlier this year. I started it and then got distracted by.....oh, who knows. Tight hips are the bain of my existence. They interfere with moving without pain sometimes, with my running, with sitting comfortably, and it just drives me nuts that I haven't been able to ease things. I wonder sometimes if I really am holding stress in my hips. When things get stressful in my life, it seems like everything, but especially my hips, are tighter. So, that's my next jam.
  11. I'm going to try this and pay attention. Thanks for this, Robert!
  12. Today marks the end of the 30 Day Mindful Yoga Practice for me. Refection time: There was tons of progress, but not always in my chosen pose (Mermaid). Over the last 30 days, in addition to working on the pose, I also concentrated on my focus during practice. I strived to "let go" and to "be in the moment." Somewhere along the way, I found my headstand. It's more solid some days than others, and it's still a work in progress. I attribute it to the mindful focus for this project. Also, and this is huge for me, I found arm stand for the very first time. It was a fluke too. I was doing a video practice, and Candace went into arm stand. I thought, "What the hell," and gave it a whirl. I was against the wall, so the balance was minimal, but there I was on my arms! Now, I'm a little obsessed with being upside down. I'm working on handstand too. I feel like my practice has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 30 days all in all. In Mermaid, I gained flexibility and balance. I'm happy with that. I chose this pose as a gauge for my tight hips, to see how well I am loosening them. I'll continue to do this as my practice grows. This was fun. Day One Day 30
  13. Thanks for the good vibes, Candace. As for the pants, Old Navy! Not even work out pants. So comfy tho.
  14. Not intrusive! Thank you for the positivity. I like the honesty. All the best to you!
  15. Well, well, well.....Mermaid Pose is progressing......very little. I have been working on the pose, but I know now that I should have been doing so much more in the way of hip openers this whole month in order to have moved further along. Live and learn. Also, I am aware now that Mermaid Pose might be a bit down the road for me. I was just so ready to jump in and DO IT! But, I'll keep working on it, and when I nail it, I will post the most wicked Mermaid ever. Real life has also been inserting itself into my practice over the last two weeks, as it tends to do. I had to move my mom to a new memory care community. Stressful? Sad? Self-Doubt Inducing? Yes. Yes. Yes. Then, that same day in the middle of it all, the phone call from school came to alert me that the event leading up to this happened: My point is that I did not concentrate on my practice as I had wanted over the last week and a half. However, I did not give up and quit. Bigger for me is this: I did not stress about it. I did what I could. Some days, the real life stuff made me feel tired and off. On those days, I did a gentle flow or an easy run. Some days I knitted and read a book during my free minutes instead. And you know what? My balance has improved a little bit. I still feel a charlie horse coming on when I bend up my leg, and I don't know what that's all about. It's ok, because instead of getting very far on Mermaid Pose: Week 1 Week 4 This happened: Headstand practice has made me feel calmer, and so I did more of that over the last 10 days or so. Then, last Sunday, in the middle of the school baseball field while my son kicked a soccer ball and my husband hit ground balls to my daughter, I did a headstand. And then another. Then I practiced handstands against the fence. I'm pretty sure I looked like a nut, but I didn't care. And that, my friends, is mindfully practicing yoga. <3
  16. You are really working. Good for you. I tend to get a little obsessed with an exercise schedule. I think it comes from marathon training and other long-term high endurance events. Lately, I'm trying to listen more to my body and to not stress if I can't get in my run on the day I wanted or if I only have 20 minutes for yoga practice instead of the 45 for which I'd hoped. I love that a "rest day" is worked in so that I don't let the guilts get to me if I skip.
  17. Thanks, I will. You too! I totally agree how weird it is that some things progress without seemingly related poses not progressing the same. It's all pretty fascinating.
  18. Progress on my Mermaid Pose is slow. I think I chose something more advanced than I was ready for, considering the tightness in my hips. I was really hoping my hips would open more by now, but they are so tight. I'll keep working on mermaid, but I don't see it coming together this month. ? Bright side? My headstand is coming along like gangbusters. It's a happy surprise that, after lots of weeks of feeling stalled, it's falling into place. Or maybe that's the wrong term to use. Hahaha
  19. I love that the concert was a fun experience for you and that you were able to just LET GO! It's hard to do that as a grown up, isn't it? Good for you! I'm sure the day of fun did so much for you. Living in the moment at its best.
  20. I am heading to Paris in November and was wondering if anyone can recommend a yoga studio where I can take a class. We are staying pretty much right across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower and would like to be able to walk to the studio. Looking for affordable and with a good, down to earth vibe. Any other travel tips or must-see/do information is welcome! It'll be my first Parisian experience!! Merci, mes amis!
  21. All this talk about macarons is making me hungry! I'm sold. Laduree is on the list!
  22. Love the app but have been experiencing problems with it over the last couple of days. When I click into the blog from the app, I cannot click around within it. For example, I can't click away pop up advertising, and I can't click on the "read more" parts. I use iOS, and it's fully updated. Just telling you because you've asked for feedback, and so I'm hoping this helps.
  23. The last week has been packed with two sick children and a mother whose assisted living placement needs changing due to a decline in her care. I am grateful for the opportunity to be available to my children and to comfort them when they are ill. I'm grateful that when they are ill, it is a virus that passes without trauma. I am grateful that I am in a position to be near my mother, to provide comfort to her, and to manage her care. That is why I can realize that letting my yoga practice temporarily suffer is something that happens but that it was always be there for me. I had to take two days break in a row this week, and I can feel that my flexibility has waned just a bit. I am not ready to publish any of my Mermaid Pose attempts right now, but today I was able to raise both arms overhead while keeping my balance. I've decided that I need to work on the balance piece before I can move into reaching back for a foot. Just a readjustment of my plan. I've been having some hamstring tightness that I have to work on in the coming week too. This week's unexpected opportunity to work on my patience has been a gift. I know that every experience offers an opportunity for growth. The choice is mine as to whether or not I accept that opportunity as a positive experience in my life and in the lives of those around me.
  24. Candace, thank you for all the great suggestions! I had missed a few of them in initial planning. And yes, I feel so grateful for the opportunity. I keep pinching myself!
  25. Progression on Mermaid Pose is meh. It's only Day 4, though, so I'm staying positive. I will say, though, that my hips seem tighter than ever. I noticed that even sitting with crossed legs, my knees seem farther off the floor than last week. Maybe I'm overworking my muscles and tightening up. I'm thinking that running isn't helping, but I don't run much lately. 3.5 miles 3-4 times a week. Almost nothing compared to other years at this time training for Tough Mudders or marathon. Also, low back and psoas are sore. Poor me! (NOT! Grateful for the movement and health that I have....don't get me wrong!) The best I can say is that I did not fall over today when I lifted my right hand off the floor to rest on my thigh as my left hand reached back to hold my left foot. However, it was only for a milli-second, too short to even catch a screen capture of it. No photo today! Staying with it and looking forward to achieving the next step in the process. That is all. Also! Had the best savasana ever today. I struggle to relax.....ever....., so feeling the total relaxation and soaking in of my practice today was kinda mind blowing.