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  1. Shannon, I agree that the challenge is just as much about the mental/emotional as the physical. That is what makes yoga the wonder for our bodies that it is, I think! My back arching is something I struggle with too. What about tree pose? It's got the balance aspect, but it's probably a good one for focusing on the alignment of your spine too, right? I'm not a pro, but it sounds right. ? Also, tree pose always helps me feel grounded and peaceful. Whatever you choose, best wishes for you toward it!
  2. This is something that has happened to me for a long time off and on mostly when I'm stretching deeply in a bend. The best way to describe it is that it feels as though muscle is getting stuck between my lowest ribs on the right side or underneath the ribs. In order to make the discomfort (and subsequent breathing difficulty) go away, I need to raise my right hand to make my side long as I take slow and careful breaths. As the pinching or "stuck" feeling goes away, I can usually physically feel something dropping back into place. It's freaky and unpredictable, but there are never any lasting effects. Does this happen to anyone else? And can anyone tell me what the heck this is?? It just happened again while I was working with Candace's 45 minute practice for strength.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Yogafire!
  4. Week 1 (and Day 1) I've decided to focus on Mermaid Pose. I've had a lot of fun playing with beginner arm balances over the summer, but I'm determined to work on my flexibility, especially with the hip flexors. This program gives me the perfect excuse to do that! As a runner, I'm tight in the hips and the IT bands. As a probable result, I've battle lower back pain and a psoas injury, which went undiagnosed for months about this time last year. After traipsing to three different doctors and having some pretty scary causes for the pain tossed around, the psoas was suggested to be the problem by my massage therapist. Some uncomfortable massaging of it, physical therapy, patience, and it was finally healed. Anyway.... let's just say that my gratitude for a good massage therapist and the ability to run and stretch again knows no bounds. Without further ado, here's my first ever attempt at Mermaid. I tried to lift the other arm and promptly fell right over, by the way. It's good to find new ways in which we are total beginners, no? Lots of room for growth.
  5. Lyns, good luck with your progress too. I am glad to have others in the same boat with me!
  6. This is my first official challenge participation and my first ever posted yoga pose. I feel very very uncomfortable about this, but the YBC community seems like a good place to jump in and just go for it. All summer, I've concentrated on beginner arm balances like crow and baby grasshopper. I've decided to shift gears for this program. For the Mindful Yoga Program, I'm working on Mermaid Pose. As a runner, my hip flexors are tiiiiggghhht, and I'm tired of fighting back from related injuries. I feel like a flexibility challenge can help me work on some peaceful positivity in the process too. #ybcmindful First every Mermaid Pose attempt....lots to work on!
  7. Anahata: That's creepy about the stomach and intestines, but it makes sense. Yogafire: No c-sections, just two births the other way...still, I guess that meant a lot of stretching, since I carried them both high. I never thought of that. Thanks. Someone mentioned a "floating rib" to me once. Also creepy.
  8. Kristi, Best wishes for your new adventure. It sounds like you are patiently moving along, a difficult but smart pace. I believe in you! (Your blog looks great, btw.)
  9. Thank you, Kristi Smith Yoga. I truly appreciate your thoughtful reply. Wishing you a day of peace and beauty.
  10. I am usually an incognito forum reader and not a participator. I've decided, however, that this is a safe environment to put myself out there. Here goes. I have been considering going through yoga teacher training for awhile now. I am 46 years old. I've been practicing yoga on and off for about thirteen years. Interspersed with my practice, I've worked toward and completed other athletic challenges (a marathon, Tough Mudders, etc.). I might be facing a mid-life crisis, but about 9 years ago, I quit my teaching job and moved my family for my husband's job. Because I was 72 months pregnant (hahahaha) when we moved, I took a little time off to help my toddler daughter adjust to the move and to stay at home with my baby son (a wonderous opportunity for which I am grateful). My mother also became ill with early onset dementia around that time, and I've been doing as much for her as I can (including placing her in a residence for care and remaining free of full time work to be with her as much as possible.) In the end, staying home made sense due to a variety of family-related reasons. Did I warn you that I've been holding a lot back lately, and here it all is? No? Sorry. (Ah, the freedom of near-anonymity!) So, fast forward. Here I am. The kids are getting big. I am getting restless. There has been blogging about training for events and about life. Very non-directional. I took a photography class. I teach knitting. I love yoga. Yoga helps me get through the angsts I encounter. I love that yoga gives me the opportunity to bring "bad ---" to my life that marathons and Tough Mudders have brought me up until now. It helps me to be calm. I love it. I am a good teacher, or so I've been told. Right now, though, I'm floundering. I have the lovely opportunity to take a mulligan in my career life. I didn't love teaching school. I wish I did, but I didn't. Subbing from time to time is more than enough. However, I want to help people to enjoy life and to feel success. I think that is why I like teaching knitting. My dream is to have my own studio, have a blogging presence, and to help people who are struggling (PTSD? Caring for a sick family member? Foundering in life?). Here, I feel like I stumbled upon this soul-fortifying community that Candace has created for a reason. My husband and I both feel like I should "go for it" career-wise and find something that helps to fulfill me. Am I crazy to consider becoming a yoga teacher? Or, if I'm not crazy, is it a viable option at my age? Please give your honest feedback. I am more than ready to find my next calling and to get started. Thank you, Candace, for this space. I feel that this new community for me has enriched my life.
  11. For years, I've dabbled in my practice of yoga. Usually to help me avoid injuries as a runner and to help keep myself feeling balanced, I've taken classes and practiced at home. My level of commitment has ebbed and flowed. After battling road running and extreme trail running-related injuries for the last 6 months, I've decided that my new way to feel badass should come from stepping up my yoga practice. As I recover, I would like to slowly practice and learn more about the yoga that I've always loved. Even though I've practiced for over a dozen years, I know I have much to learn. That's part of what hooks me to yoga: the constant learning and opportunities for growth. I'm looking forward to my new commitment, because I know that it will bring massive positivity into my life, along with renewed strength both outward and inward. I am a mother, wife, caregiver, lover of laughter and joy, knitter, teacher, runner, aspiring writer, and seeker of personal fulfillment. I love to travel to breathe in new places and experiences. This is a pivotal time for me as I explore new frontiers in careers and personal endeavors. In my mid-40's, I feel stronger than ever and have every intention of moving forward toward all the wonder that life has to offer.