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  1. On 5/24/2016 at 0:23 PM, brenskip55 said:

    I, too have been able to retain that sense of calm - it's pretty magical. So grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you (in real life) as well as all the other amazing ladies. What a trip!

    Same, here, Brenna!  Hope we get to hang again.  Maybe in California..... :)

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  2. On 4/28/2016 at 2:56 PM, scottcraft said:

    Isn't it amazing how hard it can be to let others help? That's something I struggle with and my wife continually fusses at me about. I'm somewhat better about it than I used to be so maybe there is hope! Hopefully the rest of 2016 is good to you. And yes I'm jealous of the Costa Rico trip!?

    Hope 2016 is better for you too!  Looking forward to Costa Rica for some fun and quiet reflection and healing.  

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  3. On April 13, 2016 at 9:30 AM, YogaByCandace said:

    I love acupuncture! I know people get freaked out about the needles but in my experience, they definite help! Are you doing Chinese herbs on top of it?

    The needles took a little getting used to. And my acupuncturist warns me if a specific area might feel particularly tender. Nothing terrible so far!  And I'm beginning to get super relaxed during the session with carry over too.  Love that.

    As far as the Chinese herbals, not really.   It hasn't been pushed, and I am trying to keep this experience in check without making it all consuming and difficult to maintain. I am doing an herbal liver cleanse of milkweed and dandelion. Two reasons: to combat inflammation and to clean out toxins after the liver's sluggish season on winter. 

    I also just began downing a tablespoon-sized shot of organic and unfiltered apple cider and a teaspoon of raw honey each morning. It makes me cringe, but it's good for inflammation and joint health (and a lot of other bonus stuff that's great too). 


  4. 1 hour ago, yogafire said:

    Interesting! That is actually convenient if the acupuncturist is also a TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) herbalist. But given your GAPS diet, Candace, it makes sense to skip to not mess with that. I would also want to make sure the raw herbal ingredients aren't made in China (Taiwan OK) since there are so many stories of filler non-food additives. 

    Before bone broth was popular, we made chinese herbal soup with bones or bone scraps. But that is tastier than some herbal stews. I think the principles are similar to ayuverda, but balancing between yin and yang by having cooling or warming soups.

    I want to do acupuncture but all my pain is on my backside of my neck and back, and I get super ticklish and am afraid I will jump while they're putting in needles. I can do only strong pressured massages, or I get "chills" and jump.  Does anyone else get ticklish but surived acupuncture just fine?

    And lastly, wow, Lorelei, I hope this helps you long-term. Pain can also have stress related roots, so that is lovely to hear how you feel mentally different, too! I just got my first cortisone shot on the top of my foot. I got a cortisone flare reaction, so the first 24 hours had so much intense throbbing that I had to almost crawl to get around. I can't believe you braved so many already!

    Yogafire, I hope the cortisone shot works.  It seems that the top of a foot would be a very painful spot for that!

  5. 17 hours ago, YogaByCandace said:

    I did acupuncture for joint pain when I was dealing with Lyme. It really helped!!! But they wanted me to buy a bunch of Chinese herbs and I thought acupuncture was just the needles and they explained it was just a component of it. I didn't want to spend any more money so I didn't do the herbs but did needles themselves did help for a little bit.

    Hi Candace!  It seems that the supplements recommended for me are minimal (and some of the things I should be taking anyway).  The acupuncturist (I wish there was a shorter word to type for that!!) asked me to not begin supplements until we complete three sessions, so that we can see if the acupuncture alone is doing its job.  Just finished sesh two today!  No pain in knee.  However, it's important for me to note that the weather is drier and sunnier today, and I've been doing extra yoga too.

  6. 8 hours ago, YogaByCandace said:

    Yeah I'm the same as Benskip55. If there is something major I'm dealing with, I tend to avoid my personal practice like the plague only because the practice is like a mirror inside my soul and makes me confront all the tough stuff. It's very hard...but there's always a period of time where I avoid, and then it's like somehow my body knows when I'm ready to deal with it and I'll start craving getting on the mat for ME. I think the same will happen for you - you just have so much going on right now between YTT and everything. Sending you so much love and strength. 

    Thank you, Candace.  Very much.

  7. 20 hours ago, yogafire said:

    Wishing peace to her, and also to you and your family while you heal. 

    I'm glad to hear you sticking with YTT. You maximized the time you could be there with her. I dislike how TV medical dramas and movies make us think we can be right at our loved one's side when he or she finally pass.  My mom has tried to do this unsuccessfully for the past 4 times over the past decade but it just doesn't seem realistically possible for a long-term illness.

    Thinking of you.

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  8. Thanks, scottcraft.  Today, I kinda freaked out for writing such a personal blog entry.  Last night, when I wrote it, I was just worn out and at the end of a long week.  It is completely not like me to share so much.  Grateful for this community.

    59 minutes ago, scottcraft said:

    What a roller coaster ride Lorelei! Situations like your mom is facing is so tough. On one hand you want them to be at peace and no longer suffer, but still you know you will miss them so much. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. 


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  9. I am feeling for you.  Rest.  The practice will be there when you are healed!  (I sound like a mother...but I am one, so what can I say?!)  The time to rest feels like such a waste, I know.  BUT!  It's for the best.  I'm sending you good thoughts.  Get cozy and be good to yourself, please.

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  10. On 12/3/2015 at 6:53 PM, scottcraft said:

    I like the social aspects of classes. It's also kinda motivating because I want to keep up with or out do the people around me. There's a class at my gym I want to take because I think it will really push me and be fun. 

    Agreed!  It was hard for me to go ahead and do it, because I am such a solitary working out person.  However, the balance of group and solo exercise has been fun.

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  11. On 12/2/2015 at 0:32 PM, yogafire said:

    So great to hear your experience!  I think I would have been offended by the kid at the front desk - why would he think you would not be up for the hardest class??  But, I wasn't there, so that must have been a more conversational tone rather than questioning.  Good for you for not being deterred by others.

    I wasn't offended.  It was funny.  I think he was truly concerned about anyone going to it.  Seriously, it wasn't THAT bad.  

  12. 2 hours ago, yogafire said:


    I also don't think it's sad or depressing what your daughter believes.  I think having any belief that something external can happen that's out of our control, whether it's at night when we can't see, or internal inside of us, is one of the hardest concepts to grasp in order to let go.  I could have benefited from fairies in my life when I was 12!

    You know what?  I think the fairies are there.  We just need to find them. 

    Also, thanks for the good ideas about yoga in schools.  <3  

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  13. 2 hours ago, yogafire said:

    just catching up... so glad to know you're safe. I can't believe you made it out of there just in time.  Also pleased to know you enjoyed both Candance's and my recommendation for Laduree macarons! :) and so wonderful that your French was more than adequate. My husband's high school French was not.. when we asked again in English, they just kept repeating the same thing back in French to us!

    I spent a couple of months reviewing French.  I was by no means able to carry on a random conversation in French.  It was enough though.  I can't wait to go back!